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Pointe, dancing on the knife’s edge, is a feature documentary that tells the story of gifted dancer Floeur Alder, who seeks to overcome a horrific random knife attack through her love and devotion to dance.

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Dawn Jackson is an award-winning filmmaker and dancer who is directing and producing her first feature documentary.

Floeur Alder turns to her family to help her heal from the trauma of a random act of violence by a stranger on the streets of Perth. The brutal knife attack becomes a turning point in her life. Life and Art collide. Her parents are Lucette Aldous and Alan Alder, former stars of The Royal Ballet and principal dancers with The Australian Ballet. Floeur immerses herself in a creative dance journey taking her to the old childhood haunts and an extended family of ballet celebrities, including Rudolf Nureyev, Margot Fonteyn, David McAllister, Dame Monica Mason, Dame Gillian Lynne and Robert Bestonso former star of The Paris Opera, embracing the core themes of ballet; love, loss, violence and tragedy and how they intersect in her family’s lives.

Pointe was born out of Floeur’s award winning choreographic debut Rare Earth where she boldly shared the stage with her parents. As she asked them to embrace contemporary choreographic tasks that brings the psychology of the dancer into movement, they dig deep beneath the roles that made them famous, revealing to her the struggles and successes they had as artists.

Floeur’s dream as a young dancer was to dance on the World stage in Europe and London like her parents, and she may well have, however she will never know because the attack prolonged her recovery, and a dance career at that level is fleeting. Floeur now calls upon her extended family of dance royalty, who span the globe, all more than willing to help her on her healing quest to find centre stage in her own life.

In 2016, our camera’s followed Floeur’s journey as she traveled to London to meet with her parent’s peers, Dame Monica Mason and Dame Gillian Lynne, who share more with her about her parent’s legendary careers as she walks in their footsteps on Covent Garden stage. In Angouleme, France she works with Robert Bestonso, a former Paris Opera star who was Lucette’s partner for the passionate and dramatic ballet, Carmen. Floeur works on a solo based on the character of Carmen – who is stabbed but is no victim. Floeur is turned inside out as Robert guides her to dance her life story on stage and she sheds another deep layer of trauma, one she didn’t even know she had.

Your donation will help us bring Floeur’s courageous, intriguing and inspiring story to screen. We have completed 60% of our film and with your support will complete the filming of the final scenes for the documentary scheduled for August-November 2018 and prepare our materials for post-production funding applications.

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Dawn is a dancer and film maker, passionate about the power of the arts to facilitate social change. Dawn attained her Masters in Film in 2014. Her documentary Zara’s World won the Channel 9 Judges Award for Best Student Documentary and her drama Jennifer’s Coming Home was nominated for Best Student Film at the WA Screen Awards 2015. In 2013 Dawn was Directors Assistant on award winning I Want To Dance Better at Parties, with Closer Productions (Broadcast on ABC 1 June 24 2014).
Dawn first graduated from the WA Academy of Performing Arts in dance in 1987 and commenced her professional career with West Australian Ballet. Dawn became a principal dancer with Kalika Dance Company in 1992 studying Indian Classical dance and in 2009 was nominated for Most Outstanding Performance by a Female at the WA Dance Awards for her critically acclaimed intercultural solo work Kohl. As recipient of the 2011 Future Moves Mid Career Fellowship, Dawn performed and developed new intercultural dance works (intimate collaborations with South Asian and Aboriginal artists), Blush, Cotton and Hummingbird working in Canada, England and Singapore. Dawn produced and directed her first award winning dance film Industrial Angels in 1995.