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13 year old Arlian PLASTIC FREE BOY’s film PLASTIC ALARM has empowered more than 120,000 students around the world to protect their future environment by creating solutions to plastic pollution in the ocean.

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‘Plastic Free Boy’ is a movement creating social change through storytelling via film and public speaking, produced by Karin Ecker, featuring Arlian Ecker.


2 yrs of storytelling has resulted in: Feature Story on Channel 10 The Project, ABC BTN, Channel 9 Current Affairs, Green Globe Awards Nominee, Clean Up Australia Youth Ambassador.

He was the youngest speaker at 2019 Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayor’s Forum.

His articulate and compassionate nature inspired mayors to show his film. The mayor of Vancouver invited him to present at a conference on waste free and circular economy.

Arlian has presented at schools and youth summits showcasing leadership to kids 3 – 18 years old. He is an environmental speaker who, at 13 years old has become an international sensation that kids relate to.

Since the global crisis of plastic pollution is looming and China banned Australia’s recycling the campaign has made impact by educating kids on the solutions to plastic pollution.

Schools have followed up with an initiative and reduced their waste by 20 – 80%.

Testimonial from principals https://vimeo.com/345834378

“You have really inspired all of us to try and reduce the amount of plastic we use and also to convince our families and members of our community to do the same.” St. Plunkets School

Peer to peer education like this film has shown great results in empowering younger generations that every one matters and together they can make a difference by implementing simple steps i.e. stop single use plastic from their daily lives.

Testimonial from a school Principal: “Kids need to hear it from someone who is their own age, someone they can believe in”

“As a community we will be following up with a school based initiative that reflects working towards a plastic free environment.” Principal of St.Peter Chanel Primary School

Arlian’s mother/producer/manager is film maker Karin Ecker. Together they have been working as a team for the past 2.5 years. Their aim is to send the ‘Plastic Alarm’ to every school in Australia and overseas, especially less developed countries for no cost. Australia has been known to ship waste to less developed countries like Malaysia. We are all part of the problem and owe to be part of the solution as part of a global team, where everyone matters and education and empowerment is the key to social change.

Your donation ensures the running of the ongoing campaign, that the film reaches schools globally, supporting the Plastic Free Boy team to take arising opportunities in spreading the message through public speaking, media opportunities, invitations to panel discussions, creating media promotion, creating promotional material and making more films.

Creating a movement like this takes a lot of time and commitment.

Your donations will support Plastic Free Boy to ensure that every person matters!

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I am an international film maker. My passion is to focus on social and environmental issues from a cultural perspective.

In 2004, I began working on this vision to connect kids globally together through films for schools on the topic of our environment.

Besides making films about kids and nature, I also have been a birth activist, presenting my films in hospitals, universities and consumer groups, changing the culture of how we see birth. The YouTube Trailer for my film “A Breech in the System” has reached 48 Million Hits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRjSmR9QmYg&t=14s


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