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The Place of Courage

The Place of Courage is Australia’s first public commemorative space dedicated to those who have suffered from domestic and family violence.

We believe the Place of Courage will make a difference.

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Conceived by Helen Oxenham OAM, The Place of Courage is a ground breaking public art project that will provide a place for grieving, healing, education and hope. We believe this space will kick-start a movement of social change that shines a public light on domestic and family violence in our society.

Domestic and family violence is often linked to a range of individual and societal problems like alcoholism, drug-taking, homelessness, and mental health illnesses (such as depression and anxiety). Tackling domestic and family violence will help to:

• Reduce the associated murder rate, abuse and inter-generational trauma,
• Reduce alcohol and substance abuse, and
• Alleviate some of the burden on our support agencies and not-for-profits.

Tackling domestic and family violence is key to creating a more functional society on many levels.

We are committed to raising $250,000 to bring The Place of Courage, in partnership with the Adelaide City Council, to the South Australian Parklands – and we implore you to help us reach our goal. With your support, and that of SA-based businesses, corporations and government, we can make a measurable social impact that transforms the discourse around violence in the home.

To support our fundraising awareness campaign, we are calling on you to participate in our slogan campaign – Operation Courage. This campaign is a way that we can mobilse the SA community to step up and speak out about domestic and family violence by spreading messages of courage. By getting involved, you will be a voice for our community and will stand in strength and solidarity against violence in the home.

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Participate in our community awareness campaign – ‘Operation Courage’

The Place of Courage is a unique approach to dealing with domestic and family violence. To make it a reality, however, we need your help to raise $250,000. You can support us by:

• donating (either individual or corporate donations)
• fundraising for us
• spreading the word within your work or through your social networks.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible through ACF.

To donate to the Place of Courage or to learn more about the project, go to:


Place of Courage is developed by Spirit of Woman, a not-for-profit organisation that advocates for gender equality and a future free from family and domestic violence.

Our mission is to establish a commemorative contemporary public artwork and space in the Adelaide CBD for our community who have suffered and died at the hands of family and domestic violence. To acknowledge the courage of those affected from domestic and family violence. To support action that transforms our community through the eradication of domestic and/or family violence.

We believe that this acknowledgment will raise awareness about the impact of family and domestic violence in our society. We want to work with our community partners to provide educational resources about all the consequences of family and domestic violence, to create prevention measures to stop and prevent the ongoing devastation.

Following extensive public consultation, project development and fundraising over the past two years, public artists Christine Cholewa and Deb Jones (CHEB) were selected and the ‘Ripples’ design was created with grant support from the City of Adelaide and the State Government through Arts South Australia. They have teamed up with Kiri Bowmer from Oxigen to develop a cohesive landscape in which the sculptures are integrated into the landscape.


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