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Perhaps There is Hope Yet

A new work from award-winning artist Rockie Stone and Vincent van Berkel. Circus, music and sculpture combine to explore hope in the face of a climatically changing, environmentally de-stabilising world.

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Award-winning circus artist Rockie Stone (Fright or Flight – Best Circus, Adelaide Fringe; Best Circus, Perth FringeWorld; Best Visual Theatre (nom), Edinburgh Fringe) once again brings to the stage her unique style of contemporary circus. This time, teaming up with acrobatic artist and circus blogger Vincent van Berkel and kinetic sculptor and culture hack Callan Morgan to weave together a humorous, delicate yet gritty exploration of the most pressing concern of our time for the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015.

Circus, kinetic sculpture and music combine to explore forward momentum in the face of a climatically changing, environmentally de-stabilising world. With an obstinate and creativity-fueled optimism, Perhaps There Is Hope Yet… dares you to believe that we can overrule inertia and ‘save the planet’, one exquisite design idea at a time.

Drawing inspiration from chaos theory, biomimcry and daily socio-political commentary on the state of the world, these three highly accomplished artists add their collective voice to the politico-scientific debate on the global climate challenge.

Perhaps There is Hope Yet... has been programmed in The Fringe Hub, North Melbourne Town Hall, running for entire season of the festival, 9pm each night. The project has received in kind support from Melbourne Fringe Festival, Artshouse, and Circus Oz.


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Perhaps There is Hope Yet is a new collaboration of experienced artists: Rockie Stone, Vincent van Berkel and Callan Morgan.

Rockie, once a Zoologist, now a contemporary theatre maker and multi award winning circus artist, has toured the globe performing with Circa, Circus Oz and her own company 3 is a Crowd (“Fright or Flight”). She is also the founder of Naked Under Cover Productions; one half of acrobatic duo ConcentricCircus; a fifth of jazz/circus ensemble in.form, a director of circus & physical theatre and Artistic Associate at Westside Circus

Vince is an acrobat of the ex-musician, ex-gymnast, ex-design student variety. He also currently busies himself with photographic and poetic documentation of his life as a circus performer and of the people around him. It turns out he also has the incredible capacity to invent, design and construct a brand new circus apparatus! Acrobatically he has toured the globe with Circus Oz, Casus and This Side Up.

Callan is at once a Kinetic Sculptor, Graffiti Artist, Industrial Designer, Installation Artist and Circus Performer. His presence in Perhaps There is Hope Yet will be an expression of chaos and biomimicry through steel and aluminium.