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People of the Pavement

People of the Pavement is a project aimed at raising awareness about the homeless situation in Melbourne through large scale potraiture.

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People of the Pavement is a project aimed at raising awareness about the homeless situation in Melbourne – to shine a light on our community members who have been forgotten and left by the wayside.

Through large-scale portraiture, I want to remove the layer of ignorance and anonymity and connect exhibition visitors with the human beings in each of these portraits.

Coming face-to-face with my art can be confronting, but it’s real, and I hope it will have an impact on everyone who sees the exhibition.

When I came back to Melbourne last year from abroad, I was shocked by the increased numbers of people living on our city streets. In a city that has always prided itself on its community support and ‘lend a hand’ attitude, it frustrated and upset me to see things getting worse on my home turf.

I watched person after person blatantly ignore their fellow man. No eye contact, no communication, just getting on with the day, refusing to acknowledge the suffering at their side.

I wanted to help in a way that could make an impact – to bring light to these untold stories and unseen faces – through art.

On the opening night, I’m holding an auction of three of the pieces with 100% of the profits going to the Salvation Army to help them in their fight against homelessness.

I’ll also be donating 30% of the total sales from all prints sold during the exhibition to a variety of charities concerned with helping the homeless.

Your donations make this possible, with your help I can supplement the cost of framing, venue hire, and more importantly promoting the exhibition to as many people as possible.

The more people I can reach, the more our community can become aware of the problem and offer their support.

I urge you to come down and be part of the exhibition this April. Acknowledge what’s going on, and help me do something about it.

​​Adam Shires is a Melbourne based artist who is Inspired by the depth and fragility of life. He chooses to reflect this through the medium of charcoal, and tries to capture lifetimes in a single image. The preservation of these moments and the sheer incredulity that they will never happen again anywhere in the universe are what drive him. Through his art he connects the past to the present and conserves these moments to share with the world.

Having been an ardent drawer since a very young age he’s always been fascinated with the symbiotic relationship of perception, imagination and preservation. Upon discovering charcoal in high school, he fell in love with the vast spectrum of emotion one could create through the medium. So began a lifelong romance with this simplest of substances. Through carbon we capture the memories of carbon life and preserve them for an eternity of viewers, a reflection on the legacy of ourselves.

He works from his home studio in Victoria and has sold works through commissions and exhibitions in Australia, France and the UK. His upcoming exhibitions in 2019 see him branching out into the world as a solo artist


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