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Peninsula Film Festival 2018

Peninsula Film Festival is Victoria’s iconic film festival held on both the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas annually in February.

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The Festival supports and fosters the film industry through providing a platform for Australian films to be seen, giving the opportunity for cash prizes to be won by filmmakers and providing genuine networking opportunities.

PFF runs over three days and the program includes the screening of an independent Australian movie, a FREE short film festival anticipated to attract 7,000 people and a FREE filmmaking workshop designed to encourage and develop emerging filmmakers skills.

The Festival is supported by the cream of Australian film personalities including Russell Crowe, Sigrid Thornton, Shane Jacobson, Myf Warhurst and many others.

The Festival provides access for filmmakers to industry representatives through the many networking events held during the weekend and allows filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers to gain invaluable audience feedback on their work, opportunities to collaborate with other filmmakers and the chance to learn more about the film industry.

Peninsula Film Festival provides a platform for emerging filmmakers to have their work seen by the public, a chance for grassroots filmmakers to network with industry professionals and a quality free event for the Australian public to enjoy Australian films.

The Festival offers many opportunities for filmmakers and industry professionals to collaborate, fostering film projects in Australia and encouraging emerging filmmakers to further their skills and career.

Donations will be utilised to recognise filmmakers work and assist in the marketing of the event to the general public and filmmakers.

A free short film festival, held in Rosebud on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula on the first Saturday in February.

Peninsula Short Film Fest is the Peninsula’s iconic, annual, short film festival with the largest single viewing audience in Victoria. What started out as 500 people packed into a theatre quickly turned into an annual pilgrimage, seeing thousands of people head to the peninsula each year to enjoy quality short films FREE outdoors.

Every year, 12 shortlisted films are screened and are judged live by a panel of celebrity judges, competing for up to $20K in prizes.

The Festival is supported by the cream of Australian talent including Russell Crowe, Sam Worthington, Nash Edgerton and Rob Connolly to name a few.

The Peninsula Short Film Festival is headed up by Festival Director Steve Bastoni and Festival Producer Meg Pascoe.


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