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PALMS 3 Year Plan (Year 2)

PALMS is a shared studio and workshop that provides affordable, non-precarious facilities for womxn* and gender diverse artists to make their work. This is the 2nd year in a 3 year plan for establishing PALMS.

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The driving vision for PALMS is to foster stability, affordability and community and to support serious art practice. We are entering the 2nd year of our 3 year plan to establish PALMS.

In the first 12 months we have built the studios, and set up the shared workshop space. In our second year of the project, we are continuing to look to incorporate patronage as a mode of direct support for Sydney womxn and gender diverse artists’ practices; subsidising space, time and tools in return for artists’ skills-sharing, active mentorship and generosity. A co-operative membership-based workshop program will give a larger community access to our workshop facilities and help us to continue acquiring the tools and equipment we need to make it functional space for artists to develop their work.

We are initially looking for 3 benefactors to subsidise the studio spaces, fund project residencies and expand the capabilities of the workshop over time to make it accessible to more artists.

A tax deductible donation of $15K for Years 2 and 3 (plus $20K for Year 1, totalling $50K over 3 years) will allow 5 working womxn artists to maintain non-precarious practices and invest labour and skills in a community where scarcity and precarity are norms. The money will be used to subsidise rent for studio artists, invest in tools and technical assistance for the workshop, and promote its use to womxn artists in Sydney.

PALMS will be a professional working space that fosters and nurtures process, rigorous thinking, and creative risk taking– and we believe access to time, space and creative community drives these things. Process is everything.

PALMS will have a direct impact on supporting the careers of womxn artists through subsidised studio space, workshop access, active peer support and committed community building.

Your donation to PALMS will directly:

  • support the development and careers of womxn and gender diverse artists
  • help develop a resilient, independent community of womxn and gender diverse artists by providing access to workspace, skills-sharing and critique
  • agitate to increase recognition and support for womxn in the arts

*We acknowledge both the possibilities and the limitations of the term ‘womxn’; womxn in this context is intended to specifically include women, trans womxn, genderqueer, gender fluid and non binary people.

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PALMS exists to support and advocate for the professional studio practices of artists who identify as women, including trans womxn, genderqueer, gender fluid and non binary people working in Sydney. We want to create stability, affordability and community to support serious art practice, process, rigorous thinking and creative risk-taking.


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