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2019 Palestinian Film Festival Australia

Showcasing and celebrating the very best of Palestinian Cinema in Australia from around the world. The Palestinian Film Festival is a cinematic journey of unforgettable imagery and creative, thought-provoking storytelling.

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The Palestinian Film Festival Australia is a community-arts initiative dedicated to building cultural understanding and promoting Palestinian arts and culture in a multicultural Australian context.

Hosted by Cultural Media, the festival will tour five Australian cities starting with Sydney on 23 October 2019.

Cultural Media believes that through engagement with the arts, a framework can be provided which allows communities the space to view and engage with current and emerging issues relating to Palestine.

The reason for doing so is to broaden, deepen and diversify understandings of Palestinian experience with the aim to facilitate intercultural dialogue and understanding.

The significance of the festival is to provide a fresh lens for viewing and evaluating the Palestinian experience. While Palestine is often seen in the news and in academic texts, there is a need to look at Palestine beyond the purely political frame.

Initiated and curated with Australian audiences in mind, this year the festival will kick-off in Sydney followed by Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Donations will be used to produce the festival and support and expand it in terms of content and reach, including touring nationally.

The festival includes an opening night gala and industry workshops with visiting film-makers to promote connections and opportunities for joint activity and raising awareness of different perspectives. This is the 10th year of a very successful event with strong audience support.

Please find more information on our social media network and our website.

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Cultural Media is a small not-for-profit organisation solely dedicated to the promotion of Palestinian life, art and culture in an Australian context. Cultural Media’s flagship project is the Palestinian Film Festival, an annual event organised and supported by a dedicated team of community volunteers.

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