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Lies Lies and Propaganda and Suspicious Woman Productions present ORPHEUS, a new, diverse, physical and uniquely Australian take on the tragic tale of Orpheus and Eurydice.

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On the day of her wedding Eurydice dies. To reclaim her, Orpheus, the greatest musician in the world, plunges into the underworld. But this place is nothing like he expected. There’s a bar, the Sheriff is inviting him to perform at the local talent show, and the next bus out of town doesn’t come until Thursday. ORPHEUS is an Australian gothic retelling of the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice – a play about a town that just won’t let you go.

Since our formation in 2014, Lies, Lies and Propaganda has created high quality, highly entertaining productions that demonstrate Sydney independent theatre’s potential as a crucible for theatrical innovation and experimentation. In ZEROVILLE, audiences marvelled at how we’d created a whole new play – and an entire world – in rehearsals. In ROADKILL CONFIDENTIAL we were praised for our unique and expressive use of physicality and movement. And in PHAEDRA, audiences and critics loved the way we adapted an Ancient Greek tragedy to feel fresh and immediate. This August we are teaming up with Suspicious Woman Productions to build on all of this previous work, to further push our own practice and the boundaries of what independent theatre in Sydney can do.

Something that’s really important to us is an ongoing conversation about what it means to make Australian theatre. ORPHEUS features the most diverse cast we’ve ever had. Four of us are mixed-race, the actor playing Orpheus has a physical disability, and everyone has a story of being from somewhere else and the pain involved in trying to go home again. To us, there is nothing more Australian. Our unique process, drawing from personal experiences, means that our ORPHEUS is a distinctly and honestly Australian version of this classic tale.

We believe theatre should be open to everyone. For this reason we make every effort to keep ticket prices down while also ensuring that all our hard-working artists receive some money at the end. Your support will allow us to do both of these things. Any help we receive to cover production costs – including fees and rights, venue hire, publicity, printing and costume design – is help to ensure that the brilliant artists creating this show are rewarded for their efforts.

ORPHEUS. 16-27 August 2016. Blood Moon Theatre, Kings Cross.

Cast: Dymphna Carew, Curly Fernandez, Victoria Greiner, Lana Kershaw, Daniel Monks, Bodelle de Ronde and Michael Yore.

Director: Michael Dean. Producers: Michael Dean and Alixandra Kupcik. Assistant Director/Dramaturg: Jasper Garner Gore. Designer: Catherine Steele. Lighting Designer: Liam O’Keefe. Movement Director: Rachel Weiner. Photographer/Videographer: Sasha Cohen. Live music by Michael Yore and the Cast.

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Founded in 2014, Lies, Lies and Propaganda creates theatre that is messy, colourful and provocative.

Theatre that is not afraid to draw blood, be art, or rejoice in its theatricality.

Theatre that does more than reinforce stereotypes or preach to the choir.


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