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I Hope it’s Not Raining in London (Tour)

Newcastle based, youth-managed, Not-for-Profit theatre company ‘Bearfoot Theatre’ is touring Nicholas Thoroughgood’s original play ‘I Hope it’s Not Raining in London’ to the Central Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

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“Two people, trapped in a room. One is almost finished but the other is not yet ready. The other will be ready, but just not yet.”

I Hope it’s Not Raining in London is contemporary and experimental in its exploration of our perceived realities and the effects of trauma. Young emerging artist, Nicholas Thoroughgood, has written a sophisticated 60 minute play, which places two strangers together in a mysterious room with no memories of who they are. Small boxes appear sporadically, containing objects which trigger memories- gradually their significant moments are remembered and painfully explored.

The touring company of six queer-identifying artists (aged between 18 and 25) will spend four weeks on the road in June/July, visiting six venues in two states and performing sixteen times. Directed by Riley McLean with a cast featuring Nicholas Thoroughgood, Cassie Hamilton, Daniel Cottier and Zoe Walker.

Bearfoot is a youth managed incorporation with a passion for creating original works of theatre which tackle social justice issues and give a voice to young artists.

This project will be a massive financial risk for us, but one we deem vital in the growth of not only Bearfoot, but the reputation and representation of Newcastle in the wider community.

We are asking for donations to help support us on the cost of our tour. If successful, this tour will be the beginning of many adventures for Bearfoot and the more support we receive, the more likely our goals will be achieved. Every little bit helps and we would be so grateful for even the smallest of contributions.

Touring I Hope it’s Not Raining in London interstate is an incredible opportunity for us to develop as artists and for Bearfoot to develop as a company. The goal is to reach as many new audiences as possible, network within the industry and make a name for Bearfoot in the wider community. Our fledgling not for profit has grown at an exponential rate since Bearfoot’s inception in 2017 and our ambitious 2019 season is proof of the growing network of artists increasingly showing interest and support in Bearfoot Theatre.

To find out more about us or to purchase a ticket to the production, visit our website at

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Bearfoot Theatre is a youth managed Not For Profit association based in Newcastle, NSW Australia. We are young theatre practitioners who are carving out our own paths and creating original, experimental work from the ground up with no rules. Bearfoot has a focus on producing predominately original works of theatre, which convey relevant social messages and give a voice to young artists.

We aim to assist the development of local writers by providing opportunities to workshop their scripts and to bring together a diverse and inclusive community of creatives from all facets of the industry, fostering opportunities for these people to apply their skills in a professional setting.

Artistic Director Riley McLean has been in independent theatre practice since 2015. initiating Eclectic Productions Newcastle, the springboard for Bearfoot as a vehicle for original works. Bearfoot Theatre is now a registered Not For Profit.

Bearfoot has produced 3 original works and all 3 works were nominated for Best New Play in the City of Newcastle Drama Association awards, together with directing, acting and lighting design nominations. Our 2019 season includes 3 original works, starting with Meteors and Hermit Crabs by Tyler Atcheson March 2019.


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