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No Human Being is Illegal: evolution

A collaborative community project with celebrated Australian artist, Deborah Kelly, re-working an artwork from her acclaimed exhibition, Deborah Kelly: No Human Being Is Illegal (in all our glory).

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Noosa Regional Gallery is seeking support to deliver a participatory project that will see celebrated Australian artist, Deborah Kelly, work intensively with the local community to discuss and reflect on issues of diversity, identity, belonging, well-being, and inclusion while collaboratively re-working one of the artworks for display in her evolving exhibition at the Gallery.

Noosa Regional Gallery is excited to be presenting, Deborah Kelly: No Human Being is Illegal (in all our glory), as part of its 2018 exhibition program. Created for the 19th Biennale of Sydney, the exhibition comprises 20 life-sized photographic portraits representing the diversity of communities and cultures in Australia. These portraits began as raw and unadorned images. Through a process of discussion, exchange and art making between the artist, the portrait subjects and community participants, the photographs were layered with collaged imagery specific to the subjects’ interests, attributes and identities.

A unique opportunity has arisen for Noosa Regional Gallery to host Deborah Kelly as an artist-in-residence during this exhibition. This residency is for the express purpose of facilitating a two-week collaborative community workshop that will see the photographic portrait of one of the subjects, Jeremy Anderson, re-worked to reflect the significant shift in Jeremy’s physical and cultural identity since the project began.

When Jeremy was initially photographed for Deborah Kelly’s project he was known as Jemima Jane Anderson. Since this time, Jeremy has transitioned to outwardly reflect his internal sense of his gender. He has also significantly reconnected with his Indigenous ancestry. With Jeremy’s active contribution, Deborah will work collaboratively with local artists and interested community participants to revisit and re-work Jeremy’s portrait, articulating and celebrating these profound shifts in his identity.

This project will celebrate diversity, difference, and inclusion in the community, and enhance skills of co-operation and open discussion. Participants will have an opportunity to actively engage in meaningful conversation around these defining characteristics of a healthy community. Through sustained collaboration they will develop a shared and amplified understanding of diverse social identity and well-being, bringing this into the artwork they create together and taking it with them back out into the community, their families and social circles, and into their lives.

The completed collaborative work will join the other 19 portraits for the duration of the exhibition.

If you would like to discuss your donation to this project, please contact Michael Brennan, Gallery Director, at or on 07 5329 6359.

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