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Join the Biennale of Sydney in building a 4-year learning program, OUR PATH, that promotes existing creative infrastructures in regional NSW communities, and connects local artists to a global cultural discourse.

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Using the 22nd Biennale of Sydney (2020), titled NIRIN, as a catalyst, OUR PATH positions Regional NSW as a series of centres with complex connections to the world around them. The Biennale will pilot a program in regional areas including the Riverina, Shoalhaven, and the NSW North Coast, where it has existing relationships with artists and cultural facilities. Participants will experience the dynamic process of creating art, from all perspectives, and from beginning to end, actively participating in the curatorial process. Over a four year period – two editions of the Biennale of Sydney – the OUR PATH program will facilitate learning experiences grounded in community knowledge with local artists in these regions. This will be supported through artist residencies in partner schools or art centres. Each artist will work with a cohort of up to 30 young people, while linking their learning to opportunities for inter-generational exchanges within their community.

OUR PATH will support:
• Salaries for 6 artists and 1 program coordinator;
• 90 participants’ workshop materials, transport, accommodation, and catering;
• Documentation, public program delivery and evaluation of the project in 3 regional areas over a 4-year period.

OUR PATH is estimated to have a total cost of more than one million dollars. To complement in-kind support from our partners, the Biennale is seeking $30,000 in donations to make the first year of this exciting project possible. As an artist- and First Nations-led endeavour, the 22nd Biennale of Sydney, titled NIRIN, will deliver artworks, insights, ideas and projects that challenge dominant narratives, share Indigenous knowledge, displace conventional notions of the centre and reimagine the role of the arts institution. OUR PATH is an integral part of our vision for NIRIN, bringing edge cultures to the fore and empowering regional communities, particularly young people in those communities, to participate in a global discourse around art and culture.

• Collaboration of art centre and artist to work with young people over a 3-month period
• Access to studio space for the artist
• Students to make art during workshop sessions. All workshop materials to be provided
• Selected Biennale artists will visit each cohort in person
• Participants to engage in art centre talks and workshops free of charge
• Participants to travel to Sydney and attend the Biennale of Sydney

• Participants further develop their work and ideas
• Participants to attend relevant openings, participate in workshops and talks with visiting artists with transport provided
• The students will present quarterly programming for their peers.

• Students work with another artist-in-residence and the program coordinator to present an official satellite public program for the 23rd Biennale of Sydney, creating a public program to be presented at their arts centre.

• Students participate in formal evaluation process
• A student-led publication will be published online

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The Biennale of Sydney is a renowned, large-scale exhibition of international contemporary art situated across multiple sites in Sydney and beyond that takes place every two years. Over nearly half a century, and twenty-one exhibitions, the Biennale of Sydney has commissioned and presented bold artistic and curatorial endeavours and showcased exceptional works of art by more than 1,800 national and international artists from more than 100 countries.

Today, the Biennale of Sydney is considered one of the leading international contemporary art events in the world.

The preeminent and longest-running biennial in the Asia Pacific region, and the largest exhibition of its kind in Australia, the Biennale of Sydney is committed to free access for all and serves people of all ages and cultures. Embraced by its highly diverse national and international audiences, the Biennale of Sydney attracted visitation of more than 850,000 in 2018, the highest level in its 46-year history. This reflects the important place that the Biennale holds in the life of Australia and in its engagement with the world.

The Biennale of Sydney embraces the idea of a living exhibition that is in constant transformation.

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