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Ngutu – arts & cultural learning hub

Our vision is to create a learning environment, based around the Arts, to be genuinely equitable, experiential, culturally informed and child-centred.

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Situated in Port Adelaide, Ngutu will create a learning environment with the key foci of Aboriginal cultures as its soul, young people as its heart, and the Arts as its spine.

Ngutu will model the seamless integration of Aboriginal knowledges and the Arts within the curriculum. Children and young people will have access to associated creative and expressive disciplines of design, sustainability, technology, numeracy and literacy. Within this promotion of culture, the Arts will be central, strengthening the connection of the heart, mind and spirit of themselves, and with others. As the founding Director, Andrew Plastow (former Principal of Alberton PS), has a vision and drive for opening up opportunities for children and young people in finding their strength.

Ngutu will be a symbol of reconciliation, welcoming children from diverse backgrounds with their learning facilitated through the cultural practices of the oldest continuous education system in the world. It is important to us to model the economic benefits that can result from investment in people, in social capital, in the Arts, and in helping to heal our First Peoples. We have endorsement by local Elders for this community hub, designed as a gathering place and access point to allied health services, the Arts and sustainable practices. Reinforcing the Arts and Culture Plan SA 2019-2024, this initiative will be a ‘champion (for) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture.’

Ngutu will be established in response to local needs and population growth, a diversity of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, and a demonstrated appetite for a new paradigm in learning.

Ngutu will require bridging funding to operate in its first year. Beyond the first year we will achieve financial sustainability based on the Federal funding formulae and targeted scholarship support for individual circumstances. We invite you to make a tax deductible donation to provide support for the start-up costs of this initiative, and we welcome your support.

Ngutu [‘nah-tu’] is the Kaurna word for knowledge.

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Ngutu – arts & cultural learning hub integrates the arts throughout the curriculum and provide access to each arts discipline and associated creative and expressive disciplines.

Based in Port Adelaide, Ngutu will provide an holistic child-centred and experiential learning environment that embeds Aboriginal and cultural practices endorsed by a number of Kaurna Elders. Ngutu will be a model for the seamless integration of Aboriginal knowledges and formal curriculum towards highly successful learning outcomes.

Ngutu College is not-for-profit, socially-just, non-demoninational, and independent, and will be offering K-7 in 2021, building progressively to K-12 in the first five years


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