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New York Research Trip

As part of my ongoing work documenting the cultural life of New York City and its Australian inhabitants, I hope to travel to the United States in the first half of 2018 to undertake research.

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In the past five years, through my work in creative non-fiction and journalism, I have established a strong and enduring connection with the city of New York and the Australian artists who work there. This year, I hope to return to the United States to continue my research and conduct interviews with Australian film-makers, photographers, and fashion designers. These interviews will form the basis of a book of creative non-fiction that explores the unique and significant bond between Australian artists and the city of New York. To bolster the trip, I plan to write several feature-length essays for Australian newspapers and magazines.

I’m currently the only person working to document the city of New York – arguably the most important creative hub of the past 50 years – through an Australian lens. For ambitious Australians, New York is a mecca with almost mythic qualities, and living there is considered a rite of passage. Our fascination with the city sheds light on the nature and source of Australia’s “cultural cringe” and prompts artists to consider what the New York offers that cannot be found back home. In addition, my work in recent years – for example, incorporating US-based Australians into my work for The New York Times – has helped expose and promote the endeavours of Australians who are living overseas.

Donations to this project will be used to fund a return ticket to New York City and accommodation during the two-week trip. By contributing, donors will be helping me lay the groundwork for my book and further to the dialogue between Australia and New York City.


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I am an essayist, journalist and cultural anthropologist based in Sydney. I specialise in writing about and analysing New York City for Australian audiences, with a particular emphasis on Australian creatives practising in America. I have written feature-length creative non-fiction and reportage for The New York Times, The Saturday Paper, the Financial Times, and The Guardian, and am currently researching a book-length collection of profiles about Australians living and working in New York City.

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