Creation Of New Music Work – “Primordial”

Soundstream’s commissioning of Constantine Koukias to compose and design “Primordial” a multimedia music work to celebrate the protection and presentation of the South Australian Ediacaran fossil field.

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“Anyone who has seen these fossils can only be awestruck….they are a thing of great beauty and have inspired internationally renowned musicians and artists.”
– Mary Lou Simpson, Chair, Flinders Ranges Ediacaran Foundation

The discovery in Australia of one of the oldest life forms on the planet, the 550 million years old Ediacarans, has inspired a new music work titled “Primordial.” The Ediacaran fossil field is regarded as one of the most important of its kind in the world and is found on Nilpena Station in the South Australian Flinders Ranges.

As an acclaimed composer of opera and piano works that utilise unique visual design elements and electronics, Constantine will create a multi-dimensional work that exploits the multifarious aspects of the piano.

A specially designed reflective mirror wall will serve as an outdoor backdrop behind the piano to capture the subtle, changing colours of the fading light at sunset. The work is designed for immersive listening performed outdoors against dramatic backdrops.

“Primordial” is an important recognition and extraordinary creative expression of the significant heritage value of the Ediacaran fossil site at Nilpena Station. So unique are the fossils found in this landscape, that geologists had to revise the geologic time-line of the Earth’s history, identifying a new era called the Ediacaran period.

A work in progress performance was recently held in Athens to great acclaim.

Commissioning Constantine Koukias, one of Australia’s leading composers, to write “Primordial Life” contributes to Australia’s cultural legacy in the following ways:

• Planned performances of the work in Australia and in Europe draw international attention to Australia’s wilderness and the unique aspects of the Ediacaran fossil site through a musical work with strong visual, immersive effects.

• “Primordial” is a significant pairing of science and art in Australia.
Through supporting the creation of this new work, you are directly contributing to Australia’s artistic legacy.

We need to raise $3,500 to complete our project.

Donations will be used to commission Constantine to write “Primordial”, a multi-media work for piano and electronics to be performed by Gabriella Smart across Australia and internationally with a confirmed premiere at the Totally Huge New Music Festival – Perth in August .

Every dollar donated goes toward the creation of this new work, with no hidden administrative costs.

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