NAT & TAT Future Project

Creating an educational platform for performers, teachers and students to assist with practice and organisation and learning methods and tips. During the pandemic crisis we want to keep music alive!

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Nat & Tat want to create an app-based learning and teaching platform for performers, teachers and students to assist with practice and learning, with an easy method of sharing techniques and tips, and learning techniques.

The app will assist both music professional and student learning, and it will also help parents of students and show a clear path of communication and transparency of learning.

The project will hopefully be ready in the next 6 months depending on funding and app developers. The first stage which is the Design and Prototype stage will be ready between 6-8 weeks. Our aim is to have the app ready and going as soon as possible. Your generous donations will assist in us achieving the goal quicker to help our young society to develop skills further and to the best of their abilities.

The project would be an important part of the music community as with Coronavirus there is the online form of teaching and learning. This process of communication in the age of technology will be a game changer in the way of communication and learning. It will go beyond the current circumstances and benefit future learning also. This will have a long term positive impact on students’ learning and development process so that it extends further than the one time lesson per week.

The project will be a changing factor for the future also of recording and learning music and keeping record at home and during practice. We are looking to raise $11,500 for the first stage, any donations will bring us that one step closer to achieving our ambition for this project.

The donations will be used to create the app and get it running. We have already been in touch with a few app developers to get quotes in Australia and are in the creative process as such. Without any funds though it will be very difficult to get this amazing project going ahead. We are looking forward to creating a new learning platform and communication platform.

We want to thank you for your donations and support!

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Nat & Tat are a sister violin duo wanting to create an educational platform for performers, teachers and students to assist with practice and organisation.

During the pandemic crisis we want to try and keep music alive and that we can encourage young children to continue to be inspired and motivated.

Music is our future and must be kept alive in our generation and generations to come!

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