Kate Baker

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Inspired by Myths and Fairytales…

Travelling across myth-rich Ireland, Poland, and across Europe with black and white film cameras, I will create a body of work that will be shown through both gallery exhibitions and public art pasteups.

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My creative process is to immerse myself deeply in a subject and how rich it will be to be in places so steeped in mythic tradition!

When I return I want to turn the resulting black and white film negatives into a series I can exhibit. I am also wanting to expand my practice with some new techniques which means I need to spend some time and materials learning and experimenting. Film photography is wonderful — it is also both time consuming and expensive, so funds for this project will help me develop the series to gallery standards. I will also create a large street art paste-up mural, which brings the work to a far broader audience, ensures accessibility, and is experienced in a different way.

I have an exhibition in the Yarra Valley set for 2020 and I would like to be able to have works ready by end 2019.

The archetypes of myths and fairytales are incredibly potent and speak to people in a way direct language sometimes doesn’t. My photographs are known to touch people at an emotional level and I want to make a series that will reach people in ways they don’t anticipate. I am interested in the psychological essence of these stories that reach us no matter age, gender, or background and in the way these stories are deeply rooted across civilisations and eras. I will explore these themes in Ireland, across parts of Europe and reflect on the dreamtime of Indigenous Australia.

I have a very good track record in delivering projects. Funding this project means I can travel around areas in Ireland and Europe where myths are fairytales are deeply entrenched in the culture, following that trail, focused on the art project instead of endlessly worrying about logistics and how I fund it! It means I can spend the time, use the right materials and learn the new skills I am seeking to create the final outcome body of work. In my experience a lack of funds is not conducive to creativity!

Your donation will be used to partly fund this journey – I have already paid for flights and 20% of my van hire. This will help me fund the remaining cost to carry my equipment (and me) during the 8 weeks of the project. The van is also my primary accommodation. I need to fund camping places, food, tolls, entry fees to historic sites and other related project and travel expenses. Funds will enable me to develop the work when I return into a comprehensive and cohesive artistic body of work, ready for exhibition. It will fund darkroom development and printing costs, chemistry, film, other photography materials, mounting and framing, and my time. I plan to exhibit the work in two ways : 1) as framed works for exhibition in galleries 2) as public mural based works that will be installed in public spaces as paste-ups.

My work can be seen on my website www.katejbaker.com OR through social media channels FB/Instagram: @katejbaker

An example of a public art project completed: FB @seenandheardboytoman


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“Photography as an alchemical journey of connection.”

An Australian fine art photographer, I work primarily with black and white film. What interests me is the way photography can reach into the depths of the ‘soul’ of something, allowing a pathway to connection to that which is both within us and greater than us.

Whether that be portraiture or an exploration of windows or a collaborative work inspired by Nijinsky or the lyrebird, I am interested in the essence of things and the mystery within and beyond.

Since 2005 I have exhibited in galleries in Australia and Berlin and currently, my work has gallery representation in Berlin and Melbourne. My photographs are held in collections in Australia, the US and Europe.

Using black and white film with a range of small, medium and large format cameras, I handcraft gelatin silver prints in my darkroom and studio is in Australia’s Yarra Valley in Victoria.

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