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The Muffat Collective 2020 and Beyond

We need your support to continue growing as an ensemble and providing you with world class Baroque concerts.

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With your support we can continue growing as an ensemble, create inspiring concert programs throughout 2020 and fulfil our goal of producing our first professional CD recording.

At its heart, Baroque Music is designed to deeply move us through emotional states called “affects.” Performing historically, on period baroque instruments, helps us engage with these “affects” at a deeper level and also interact with you, the audience, in a genuine and intimate way. We are passionate about this style of performing and and we believe it’s essential to the continued enrichment of the music scene in Sydney and Australia.

We love exploring this special music with you, and have great plans for the future. If our concerts are something you enjoy then we need your support to ensure we can keep up with the significant costs of making music in Australia.

Your support would assist our yearly production costs. These include venue hire, publicity, printing, design and paying the wonderful members of our group. In the long term, your contribution will help us to:

  • Make more extensive plans for our future concert series
  • Hire world class musicians and soloists
  • Achieve our goal of making our first CD recording for the pleasure of you our audience, and for further promotion of the ensemble
  • Grow our audience base by reaching further into the cultural landscape of Sydney and NSW
  • Provide more concerts throughout the year at new exciting locations

 We appreciate your help to get us to the next step!

To find out more about the group, our concerts and future plans please visit our website:


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After their shared experience performing in Europe as soloists, concertmasters or core members of some of the world’s leading period instrument orchestras, members of The Muffat Collective have returned to Sydney. They are determined to share their passion for European music from the 17th and 18th Centuries with Australian audiences.

Their namesake, Georg Muffat, was a remarkable German composer who believed that “a gathering together of the best styles of various nations would be appropriate in order to amuse you.” Muffat went so far as to imply that by uniting the French, Italian and German music styles of the period, he would bring these often quarrelsome nations closer together.

In the same way The Muffat Collective present programs drawn from a rich base of diverse works, in varying national styles, performed on period baroque instruments. The Muffat Collective strive to bring this ancient music to a modern Australian audience because they believe it still holds the power today as it did in the past: to entertain and refresh the spirit!

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