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Mr Eternity – Creative Development Stage

A multi-media and theatrical adaptation of “Mr Eternity: The Story of Arthur Stace”. This is to fund the first creative development in September 2020 ahead of its full adaptation for the stage.

Days Left

Mr Eternity is the story of Arthur Stace and a city in the grip of deep economic, cultural and spiritual depression. We at Clock and Spiel Productions have secured the rights to adapt for the stage this story of a cultural behemoth of 20th Century life in Sydney, who kept himself to the pre-dawn shadows and rear-most pews. But on 13 November 1932, Stace heard a message of such significance at the Burton Street Tabernacle that it transformed his purpose in life and gave him a single-word provocation which eternally and indelibly chalked its way into the hearts, minds and souls of Sydneysiders for generations.

We will use a 3-day creative development to:
*bring together actors, musicians, our playwright (Donna Abela) and author Roy Williams to discuss and develop the foundations of a show which will celebrate this Sydney icon and – more importantly – the self-effacing and sincere one-word sermon he preached for over 30 years

Eternity as a concept is prescient in the minds of Sydneysiders at the start of a new decade.
And Mr Eternity is a Sydney-centric story that speaks wisdom, hope and triumph-over-adversity into our present.

In 2020 we have significant environmental and medical concerns, we’re seeing a sharpening of opinion in terms of whether we ought to share our wealth with others or pull up the shutters and fend for ourselves. The political and economical systems of our times which seemed so righteous and robust are showing cracks both in their integrity and function; and there’s no shortage of narratives around what should or might come next. What gives us permanence and security in a fragmented world?

In the cyclical nature of history, those questions were similarly poignant in 1932.

Your donation will:

*pay for a space to facilitate this creative development: 3 days for 8 hours a day
*pay for the time of 5 creatives (playwright, author, 2 x actors, 1 x musician and 1 x creative writer)
*contribute the first 10% of the fee for the playwright to adapt the work
*all materials (multimedia) to develop and capture ideas over the 3 day period

Over this 3 days we will develop the foundations and structure for the ensuing adaptation which we hope to stage as a site-specific work at Darlinghurst’s ETERNITY PLAYHOUSE in 2022

We are Hailey McQueen and Yannick Lawry.
We met as actors playing husband and wife in Yasmina Reza’s much-loved play God of Carnage in 2014. We discovered that we share a strong work ethic and a love for telling stories that challenge the status quo. So we established Clock and Spiel Productions to develop and tour a sell-out production of CS Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters in 2015-17.

We are determined to tell stories that matter. Distinctive stories of real hope which allow audiences the freedom to question our dominant cultural narratives and which meet audiences right where they are without prejudice or presumption.

Theatre is one of the few remaining forums where culture and controversy can come together to provoke conversation and change.
We are unearthing new and existing works which prompt our audiences and creatives alike to entertain the big questions we all have about our culture, beliefs and humanity. We pursue excellence in both our process and our product.

We want to see gifted creatives from all walks of life honoured for their skill and time. We are committed to producing distinctive theatre of the highest standards where daring excellence and true humanity are our hallmarks.


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