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Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue is a wholly unique work that weaves traditional dance and live music with emergent technology, posing a vision of the future and who we are as a nation. Our aim is the world premiere in 2021.

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Mother Tongue is a sculpture park of exotic forms created from the dances, rhythms and languages of Torres Strait Islands, South India, West Africa, Indonesia and Pacifica with Flamenco, Contemporary body percussion and live music. Our audiences will be invited into an entire immersive experience of projection, light and sonics that will resonate long after leaving the theatre. Mother Tongue explores human adaptation, our shared territories and reveals the uniqueness and differences between human beings – their cultures, art forms and ‘mother tongues’.

Australia’s passion for rich multi-cultures is expressed eloquently in Mother Tongue. This seminal work will play an important part in shaping our national identity. The urgent conversation about our need to connect and protect all lifeforms: is at its heart. This work accurately reflects our society, and it asks the audience to share a vision of themselves, as Australians in a rapidly changing world.

Our commitment:

A defining aspect of Annalouise Paul’s practice and central to the intention of Mother Tongue is undertaking creative development in Sydney’s multicultural communities. It gives expression to marginalised artists and groups by putting their cultures centre stage.

Equally, we are committed to reaching as many multicultural audience members as possible, welcoming diverse peoples into Australia’s arts and cultural sphere, presenting them with stories that reflect their heritages and creating a sense of belonging through social connection.

Furthermore, we will invite local council members and community leaders as part of Mother Tongues’ premiere season and national tour to showcase the beauty and creativity of their diverse communities.

We are inviting emerging artists to lead creative workshops for community groups and receive ongoing professional mentoring. Participants will have the opportunity to join creative writing and visual arts sessions in Bankstown and Blacktown and to have their works exhibited as part of Mother Tongue performance season.

Our venue partners across western Sydney are guiding us in reaching out to artists and groups such as Children and Women living with disadvantage, First Nations, Newly arrived Migrants, Refugee and Asylum seekers.

Project support:

We have received support for the project since 2008 from Create NSW, Australia Council, Ausdance NSW, Critical Path and Bundanon Trust to name a few. And even though we anticipate a strong box office we want to make sure that everyone can afford to see this ambitious debut production. This takes the additional help through your gifts small and large.

Our first champion, the Adès Family Foundation has generously donated $10,304.

We aim to raise $10,000 by October 31, 2020.

When you donate to us you will play an important role in securing Mother Tongue’s world premiere season with Sydney Festival in 2021.

Your gift will be used towards;

  • Community Engagement: Goal $10,000
    • Creative writing and visual arts workshops.
    • Low-priced tickets for marginalised groups.
    • Welcome to Country Aboriginal elders.
    • Extra session for Community groups to observe rehearsals.
    • Kinetic technology demonstrations.
  • Creative Development: Goal $10,000
    • Increased Artist fees (to off-set Covid-19 period).
    • Design and Print show programs.
    • Engage Publicist.
    • Increase Social Media budget.
    • Evaluator to survey audiences.

If we exceed our target, your donation will contribute to our future plans;

  • Touring nationally and internationally: Goal $40,000
    • Touring Producer Fees.
    • Artist Travel costs.
    • Development officer to raise further funds.
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Annalouise Paul Dance Theatre is a small arts company committed to bringing cultural diversity in from the margins. The vision is to broaden Australian audiences for ancient living traditions and to expand opportunities for the artists.

Annalouise Paul is an award-winning choreographer and performer who creates dance narratives inspired by the histories, ancestries and diasporas of diverse traditions and cultures. Her career expands three decades in London, Los Angeles and more recently in India, Singapore and Malaysia. Annalouise trained in Contemporary dance at the Laban Centre, London and in Flamenco dance with key maestros in Spain. Her cross-cultural choreographic practice has led to deeper investigation of original processes culminating in DanceDNA and Hidden Rhythms.

Annalouise was described as ‘a truly original voice’ by The Statesman, India and ‘a leader in the field’ by Multicultural Arts Victoria. Her works have been supported through Create NSW, Australia Council, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, NSW Department of Education, National Arts Council Singapore, Bundanon Trust, Critical Path, Ausdance NSW, Asialink Arts and Adès Family Foundation.

Annalouise Paul Dance Theatre won the inaugural Australian Arts in Asia Awards in DANCE (a joint win with Bangarra Dance) and a NSW Premiers Export Scholarship in CREATIVE INDUSTRIES for touring Game On, a duet between contemporary dance and Indian tabla, to India.

Mother Tongue is an important stepping stone for Annalouise Paul Dance Theatre. Creating accessible and innovative dance work is the key goal for this intercultural dance company aiming to become a permanent fixture in Australia’s dance landscape and to achieve mainstream national and international visibility.


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