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Mosses and Marshes

Mosses and Marshes brings together the views of artists, land managers, scientists and community to reimagine the future of internationally significant wetland ecologies.

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We’re artists Kim V. Goldsmith* (Australia) and Andrew Howe (UK), two creatives who live on opposite sides of the world but are fanatical enough to have spent the past year studying and working around and within the Ramsar-listed wetland landscapes of the Macquarie Marshes (NSW, Australia) and Fenn’s, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses (UK). Using scientific data and studies of the areas, as well as detailed recordings and documentation of our field trips, we’ve been gathering stories from those who know these landscapes well. Now it’s time to get into our studios to create work for exhibition.

Our individual and collaborative works from Mosses and Marshes are set to be exhibited in Australia and the UK in 2021-22, bringing new perspectives to what the future might look like for these unique wetland environments, underscoring their international significance for biodiversity conservation as well as many intangible values, beyond the economic or environmental.

Our project, Mosses and Marshes uses creativity as a means to enquire and create connections between artists, scientists, land managers and community who have a close relationship with sensitive, valuable wetland ecosystems. We know the public is often asked to cherish these rare or unique environments, yet many of the areas in question are simply inaccessible. In the case of the Macquarie Marshes, 90 per cent of the wetland are on private property.

The Mosses and Marshes project and resulting exhibitions aim to bring the wetlands to the public, presenting them in ways that may not have been experienced by those who know them well…and potentially inspiring people to seek out nature when the opportunities arise.

Having spent a year researching, observing, documenting and recording, we now need your help as we enter the post-production stages of the project, to plan and prepare for exhibitions in our respective local communities (where the works were created), as well as internationally.

Your donation to Mosses and Marshes will be used to support the cost of presenting our works back to the local communities of the Macquarie Marshes (NSW, Australia) and Whixall Moss (UK), as well as in dedicated gallery spaces in Australia and the UK. We need to do this in COVID-safe way, accessible to as many people as possible.

We’re excited about the idea of communities surrounding the wetlands getting the opportunity to see and be part of contemporary art that is 100% inspired by the places they know and love and then presenting those landscapes to international audiences. To do this, we’ve been busy applying for grants, and like all artists, we invest heavily in our own creative work. But we know that art-lovers, like you, appreciate being part of projects like Mosses and Marshes.

More information about the Mosses and Marshes project can be found at and

* Kim is the lead artist on the project in Australia.

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I’m a digital media and installation artist living in the heart of regional Australia, who explores the wide-ranging territories of these lands looking for rhythms, movement, patterns and ‘hidden’ layers as they ebb and flow on the seasons.

Using field recordings and sound design, alongside moving images, photography and stories about the landscape, I aim to tease out new perspectives and narratives. Rural and regional locations are rich environments to create engaging and universal artworks that often mirror the human condition, informed by the landscapes and communities in which they are created; environments that don’t always conform to our expectations.

Research driven, issues-based projects underpin much of my creativity as an individual artist and collaborator, within Australia and overseas. It’s resulted in my work being shown across Australia and internationally in solo shows, group exhibitions and festivals, including in Iceland and the UK.


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