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U up? Monkey Man is a brand-new, balls-to-the-wall, batshit crazy Aussie comedy show starring legendary comedian, Greg Fleet.

Days Left

Monkey Man’s pilot episode is out now. Chuck this a view to see what we’re about. If this is something you’d like to see more of, read on noble warrior.

Episode 1:

Monkey Man chronicles the adventures of Miles Shuman (Greg Fleet), a once-celebrated children’s entertainer, reduced to a twisted, child-hating alcoholic living a life of hedonism and chaos. Miles finally gets a last chance to redeem his foregone glory however, when eccentric German filmmaker, Werner Herzog approaches him for the role of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, after being abandoned by his agent (Adam Turnbull), Miles is hunted by a charismatic loan shark, Jerry Krakowski (Brendan Bacon). Despite his terrifying demeanour, Jerry is a proud champion of social causes and is passionate about helping out the youth of today. In furthering this mission, Jerry has taken on a young intern, Tony (David Todman) and tasked him with collecting Miles’ debt.

Veteran Australian actor, John Flaus (Jack Irish, The Castle) appears as the voice of Moo Moo the Monkey. Moo Moo is a hallucination of Miles’. A dark and perverse version of his former children’s character, Moo Moo is the devil on Miles’ shoulder encouraging him to follow his dark and self-destructive impulses. The voice of Channel 9, Pete Smith also lends his iconic voice to show.

Monkey Man will make you laugh, make you cry, make you laugh again, make you cry about how much you’re laughing and then make you cry about how much you’re not laughing anymore because you’ve finished the series and have to return to your weird-looking family.

The series is being developed by Bamyasi, a production team founded by Tim Shaw, Spencer Hurley and Joe Eidelson. The trio met at film school and bonded over a shared love of Australian comedy. Their ultimate goal is to establish their brand, Bamyasi as a platform for young and fresh Aussie comedy content.

Your contributions will be used for the following.

Camera and sound gear hire:
We’re going to make this look and sound great.

Location hire and filming permits:
We’re shooting all over the joint: the Maribyrnong river, Footscray, Moorabbin, Preston, Brunswick, St Kilda. Think Jack Irish but better.

Production design:
Sets, props, location dressing, costumes, monkey suits.

Musical composer:
Monkey Man will feature an original score by Dimitrios Sotirakis, a very talented up-and-coming composer.

Sound design:
Monkey Man will sound great. Our sound mix will be designed by Hamish McKoy and Tyrone Zollo. They did the mix of episode 1 and crushed it.

The end result will be a six part series free to view on YouTube. If Monkey Man is something you’d like to see come to life, please help us make this happen.


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We are Bamyasi Media, a Melbourne production team founded by Spencer Hurley, Joe Eidelson and Tim Shaw. We are 20-something filmmakers who met at film school and bonded over a shared passion for Australian comedy.

We hope to forge a career in the film industry. Our dream is to build our brand, Bamyasi into the premiere name for comedy content in Australia.

We are currently working on our flagship project, Monkey Man, an absurd and crazy series starring comedian, Greg Fleet.

We hope our series will be an agent for change in Australia. We believe Australian comedy is rapidly trending towards the safe and the repetitive. We want to revive Australia’s rich tradition of bold, irreverent and risk-taking comedy.

Our last project was a short film called Postal, a comedy that take place during the robbery of the Creswick post office. Postal starred John Flaus (The Castle, Jack Irish), Pete Smith (Channel 9 announcer) and Peter Hitchener (Nine News).


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