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Mission Control – Short Film

Mission Control is a family drama that focuses on a Victorian country family who live with a child who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). A story of family dynamics, outer space, peas, cricket bats and above all brotherly love.

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Mission Control is a family drama that focuses on a Victorian country family who live with a child who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Cody doesn’t know what a normal family life would be like. He barley gets attention from his parents, his good behaviour and loving nature usually go unnoticed. That is mainly because his brother Rory can destroy the house and sap everyone’s energy at the drop of a pea. Rory has ASD. Despite not making eye contact, embracing or showing any compassion or remorse, Cody still loves him more than anything in the world, but is this unconditional love toxic for Cody?

To make the film we are bringing together some of the most talented emerging people in the industry to ensure the story’s authenticity is as true to reality as it is an engaging film.

Pre-production has begun, and principal filming is set for the end of August. The finished film should be ready for the festival circuit by the end of November.

Our intention with the film is to spotlight the effect ASD has on families. People with ASD struggle to relate to their environment, find it difficult to show real emotions and to connect with people even though they really want to.

In the film, Rory’s fascination with outer space is symbolic of his disconnect with the real world. Further, the title Mission Control relates to Cody as the control centre on their make-believe space adventures, but also to the mission of controlling Rory’s tantrums, which are slowly tearing the family apart.

While there have been some films that tell the story of someone with ASD, Mission Control focusses on the perspective of the brother. While the film does not portray anyone as the antagonist, it is still full of conflict and tension.

Mission Control provides the landscape for emerging talent in the film industry to further develop their skills in a passionate and meaningful way.

We are asking the community to help make this film by contributing towards the budget to ensure that the important message we are trying to show is told in the best way possible.

We will be shooting on an ARRI to give maximum production value to the project. We are enlisting the skills of talented actors and award-winning crew to ensure the best team is making the best film.

The cost of making a film is extremely high when you consider all the equipment, location hire, catering, costumes and props. This is before we start with labour costs. We strongly believe that all our cast and crew should be paid for the hard work time and effort they put into the production and this is our intention.

With your help, we will be able to achieve our goal of making a film that shows a glimpse into the realities of living with ASD that is honest, engaging and worthwhile.


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Benny Goldman is a Melbourne based filmmaker who focuses on creating films that provoke an emotional reaction, are relatable, and have a unique perspective on a universal theme. His last three films have screened at international film festivals and he intends to grow and nurture his creative skills while collaborating with some of the best up and coming people in the industry.


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