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This is the “HELP ME COVER TERM 1 TUITION FEES” campaign for the next stage of my career! I have accepted a position to study a Master of Fine Art at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, 2019.

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This important period of study at the AA School is an investment in my future. It is an incredible opportunity for artistic development and there is no course like it in Australia. This unique MFA program focuses on the intersection of sculpture, installation, performance, architecture, and design which is an ideal match for my practice. This opportunity will assist my career transition due to the focus on developing a professional practice, and to experiment with projects that will be conducted and presented in public space.


The location of the AA School in the artistic hub of London will enable me to simultaneously foster international networks and opportunities in the larger contemporary arts community and the mental health industry, helping my career to become more sustainable.

I am committed to my career as an artist and I am passionate about forging a practice that will include various artistic and educational leadership roles in the pursuit to give back positively to society.

My MFA research will develop my Mind Walk project which has great potential as a powerful socially engaged project, raising awareness about mental health with particular focus on the subjects of grief, post-traumatic stress and dissociation. I will create a project prototype to implement practically by working with individuals and community groups to explore these experiences through a series of Mind Walk performances and workshops and that will be transformed into interactive public art installations.

I am interested to work with refugees and immigrants who have fled their country of origin due to environmental factors such as climate change, a global issue that will likely and unfortunately increase. Working with this demographic will allow me to continue my research and exploration on the psychological impact of the environment on people / the impact of people on the environment; how the meaning of “Place” is perceived and created; and ultimately linking and advocating for issues that are important to me and that I believe are essential to address in our global society.

Your tax-deductible donations will be used towards my term 1 tuition fees: $16,576.82 AUD, which I will need to deposit by the 16th September 2019.

Term 1 commences 23rd September 2019.

The entire cost of the 18month MFA tuition fee is: $65,585.20 AUD

Living expenses in the UK are approx: $51,250.49 AUD for 18months. Under my current circumstances I am not able to undertake this study opportunity without financial assistance. I am applying for additional study grants and scholarships.

I would greatly appreciate any support you may be willing to offer towards my fundraising campaign. If 165 people donated $50 + 83 people donated $100 = I would reach my target.

If you choose to invest in my future, I promise to share this exciting journey with you (online blog/social media channels/emails), not only while I am in London representing the Shoalhaven and Australia, but also into the future that this study opportunity will generate.

Every dollar counts! Be part of my story.

Elyssa Sykes-Smith xxx

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I am an artist currently working within the fields of site-specific sculpture, installation, performance and public art. The intent to encourage empathy towards the plight of humanity and to raise environmental sustainability awareness forms the thematic orientation of my practice. I seek to translate the expressive qualities of the figure, analysing emotional and psychological states , exploring form, space and movement pushing the figure towards abstraction in the surrounding space. I am passionate about creating artworks in response to architectural and natural environments, encouraging my audience to experience an environment from an altered perspective and embodied response.

I Graduated in 2013 BFA (Hons) at The National Art School Sydney and have exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi (2012-17). Awarded 2018 Creative Development Fellowship (Create NSW), First Prize at Hillview Sculpture Biennial 2018 and Sculpture at Scenic World in 2015; Clitheroe Foundation Mentorship in 2012. Commissions include Shoalhaven Public Art Grant 2017; Barangaroo Delivery Authority; MIRVAC (Chinese New Year 2017 Broadway Sydney); Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney. I have a range of experience as a professional arts educator, leader and tour guide.


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