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I have been invited to participate in a mentorship program created by an innovative music educator Emma Leiuman. The support raised through the ACF will enable me to grow and develop my skills as a concert pianist.

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I am a concert pianist and currently perform classical and contemporary music repertoire to audiences in Australia and overseas. Playing the piano is my passion and life’s work. I would love to raise funds for the opportunity to participate in a piano mentorship program conducted by a renowned pianist and educator Emma Leiuman in May 2020, held at Chateau Lamostonie, SW France.

This project is extremely important to me because it will enable me to continue to grow my skills as a concert pianist, which is an investment into the longevity of my contribution to the Australian music scene. I know that by focusing on my professional development that my contribution will be even more significant. I strongly believe that it is vital to continually grow my skills. This approach to my career will ensure that I continue to be in demand as a concert pianist and allow me to continue to add to the vibrancy of the Australia’s cultural life.

The funds raised through ACF will pay for the cost of the course which includes piano masterclasses, individual lessons, recitals by Emma Leiuman, accomodation, meals and travel costs. I am very excited about this opportunity. Acquiring new skills will allow me to take on harder challenges and more ambitious repertoire. My vision is to be involved in projects which inspire, challenge and extend my knowledge, and this opportunity affords me this chance.


Maria Raspopova





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Maria Raspopova is an acclaimed and virtuosic chamber musician and recitalist. She is the resident pianist with one of Australia’s foremost chamber groups, Omega Ensemble, and has performed with a number of acclaimed Australian and international musicians.

Maria has received wide acclaim for her performances with Omega Ensemble, Cut Common Magazine wrote “Raspopova’s bass notes were booming and the upper register of the piano sparkled with a shimmering clarity. Raspopova played with confidence and zest. She shone like gold…here is a pianist who can play anything”.


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