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Melbourne Women in Film Festival 2019

The Melbourne Women in Film Festival 2019 celebrates unique, creative and diverse women’s stories, showcasing them on the big screen and creating conversations about gender equality and inclusivity.

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The Melbourne Women in Film Festival (MWFF) is all about seeing more films made by Australian women on our cinema screens. We celebrate these unique voices in a yearly program of short and feature films, Q&As, panels and forums, workshops, and special events, showcasing the work of local women filmmakers and advocating for more diverse representations on screen and off.

In 2019, the festival revels in its theme of ‘Dark Delights’, putting the spotlight on films exploring the concept of darkness and empowerment in personal, fantastical and highly innovative ways. Over 4 days, February 21-24, 2019, MWFF creates a festive space for social inclusion, screen culture and greater opportunity for diverse film exhibition. There is limited opportunity to see the variety of women’s screen stories, particularly those reflecting underrepresented communities. MWFF provides its audiences with the perfect opportunity to discover these screen gems in an entertaining and thought provoking atmosphere.

Underrepresentation of culturally diverse women on screen and behind the camera means we aren’t seeing enough of the distinct women’s perspectives and experiences on our screens. With women buying more than 50% of all movie tickets, where are the stories they can relate to? MWFF makes a valuable contribution to our local culture by facilitating participation of diverse creative women and audiences and celebrating the uniqueness of women’s stories; stories that can make a difference to women’s lives.

With its first festival in 2017 and doubling in size for its 2018 edition, MWFF has shown more than 70 films by women from all different backgrounds, ages and areas across Australia. In 2019, we’re including a school screening, retrospective screenings of THE WELL, with director Samantha Lang in conversation, and Rachel Perkins’ BLACK PANTHER WOMAN, a special ‘Late Night Screaming’ horror event, and a public forum on ‘Leading the way: empowering women’s leadership in the screen industries’.

As a young not-for-profit festival, it takes a bit of juggling the finances to bring the festival to life. While we are a volunteer lead and run organisation, we would put any generous donation to good use in paying for screening fees, exhibition spaces, catering, and insurances. As we are all about supporting the community of women screen practitioners, we would also like to put any monies towards subsidising our visiting filmmakers, especially those travelling with their films from interstate. This is in the form travel and accommodation for festival guests and offering complimentary festival passes to all the filmmakers we’re screening. After all, we’re doing this for them!

Our program and further info about who we are and what we do can be found on our website ( Updates on our progress will be on our Facebook and Instagram, as we march ever closer to our February deadline. See you at the festival!

The Melbourne Women in Film Festival is a not-for-profit festival aimed at celebrating and supporting the work of Australian women working in screen production and culture.

Our mission is to deliver an engaging and accessible annual film festival in Melbourne that promotes Australian women’s screen creativity through exhibiting works of all styles and genres and showcasing the diversity of women’s perspectives through storytelling and conversation. We also aim to advocate for gender equality and diversity in the Australian screen industry by facilitating conversation between a community of practitioners, audiences and industry.

Established in 2016, we have produced two festivals, growing from a 2 day to a 4 day event and from a single theatre to 3 venues across Melbourne. Our festival includes programs of feature and short films, filmmaker Q&A’s, panels and public forums, workshops, a Screen Critics Lab, and awards for our short film makers. This may sound like a lot, but we are always looking for ways to grow and innovate our programs for our audiences!

MWFF envisions a world where a diversity of women’s voices, stories and creativity are equally recognised and celebrated.


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