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Melbourne Russian Festival

The Melbourne Russian Festival will showcase traditional Russian culture; lively exciting atmosphere. Dancing, singing, music, entertainment, food, authentic cuisine, beautiful arts, folk crafts, displays, master classes, decorations, costumes, games.

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The Russian Ethnic Representative Council of Victoria (RERC) was established in 1984. One of our main aims is to retain, develop and pass on the rich Russian cultural heritage to the general public and to the youth. Every year, RERC organises and runs numerous concerts and exhibitions. We have 45 member groups and clubs who work directly with people in their specific field of expertise. These groups receive support from RERC and assistance to display their craft and skills.

Our major chance at promoting Russian and Slavic culture is this Festival. It is a spectacular event entertaining for all ages and cultural backgrounds is intended to enrich the festival life of Australia’s cultural capital – Melbourne. By introducing Melbournians to a fascinating culture, rich in unique traditions, it will strengthen the cultural link between Melbourne and its sister city – Saint Petersburg. This will contribute to the future development of Russian – Australian relations at all levels.
Multiculturalism is the winner!

The Festival accommodates diverse expressions of culture from a broad
range of countries: Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Bulgaria.

The festival is extensive. Two stages with musical instruments, folk choir and solo singing, dancing and performing. Food stalls of Russian and Slavic origin cuisine. “Slavic Expo” where community organisations, artisans, craftspeople and businesses can demonstrate their skills and crafts. Children’s Village where the magic of Slavic tradition games will be demonstrated. Reading room with Slavic literature. Art gallery featuring traditional and modern works of art. Traditional “Chainaya”, a tea house showcasing Russian tea culture. Traditional costumes from all over Russia. Demonstrations and Master classes.
Something for everybody.

We have been running this Festival every year since 2006. We want more people to get involved; we already have 100 volunteers and more than 2,500 people saying they will attend a week after putting up the event on Facebook.

Please contribute! We need $19,000 to do everything that was requested from last year’s feedback. More singers and performers, better craft and art displays, more time spent teaching the community about traditional unique forms of Russian heritage. Expected outcomes will be a larger and more comprehensive Festival than previously, greater participation by Slavic communities, greater engagement with broader population, greater knowledge and awareness of Slavic cultures in general population, and celebration of cultures that do not fall into the traditional concept of what is multicultural.

The Festival empowers communities at a broad level. Challenged by barriers, some communities historically are not as involved in Melbourne’s cultural scene as others. The Festival and the organising committee process, help empower the Russian and Slavic communities to further develop their culture and promote their unique colourful heritage. Retain, promote! Build, share! Be involved!!!

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Russian Ethnic Council (RERC) has existed for more than 35 years. One of our main aims is to promote, preserve and develop Russian culture here in Victoria and introduce its beauty and variety to wider Australian community. Continuing tradition of openness and “worldly accepting responsiveness” (F. Dostoevsky) of Russian culture, we are happy to help anyone who shares our love and respect of Russia – our common historic Motherland – and Russian culture.

Our organisation has 45 member delegate groups, the majority of which are cultural groups; dancing, singing, craft, folk clothing, cooking, musical instruments, poetry, children’s schools.

We employ a Community Development Officer who works with every group, helps them apply for grants and facilitates collaboration. He helps on the governance side and also designs projects where every group can share their wonderful colourful heritage and beauty with multicultural Australia.

For ten years we have organised a large scale Slavic Festival with 40,000 people attending. Monthly smaller exhibitions & concerts. Stalls are manned by each group, passing on the cultural skills and expertise to the broader community and our younger generation. The performers need two stages for the whole day.


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