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MDCH – Christmas Appeal

Melbourne Digital Concert Hall (MDCH) was created by musicians, for musicians. It is designed to connect artists and communities all over Australia through music and technology.

Days Left

On March 17 Melbourne Digital Concert Hall (MDCH) was created by Chris Howlett and Adele Schonhardt to support musicians financially and to build a sense of community online within the Australian arts fabric.

The results over the last 7 months has been staggering with over $750,000 raised by musicians through the platform and a community of over 15,000 people watching.

It has literally been the difference for some artists between being able to pay the rent or not, and for those watching given a glimmer of hope in an isolating year.

In 2021 Melbourne Digital Concert Hall will continue to broadcast. It will focus on 3 main approaches:

  • broadcast-only digital to enable artists to present concerts in almost all COVID-19 restrictions;
  • broadcast with limited capacity audiences to enable all Australians to digitally watch these concerts;
  • broadcast COVID-normal concerts so that all Australians have access to the very best artistry without socioeconomic or geographic boundaries.

MDCH will continue in 2021 and the Christmas appeal will enable Melbourne Digital Concert Hall to reach its true full potential.

The potential to support and enable as many musicians in as many different different metropolitan and regional centres around Australia as possible. It will also enable MDCH to connect those concerts with as many different audiences without physical, socioeconomic or geographic boundaries.

Sanguine Estate Music Festival is held in Bendigo and Heathcote in February of each year.


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