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Maubere Timor

Sona Productions are taking the ‘Maubere Timor’ project to Womex 2018 to connect to global markets and secure stakeholder connections for the Veterans to showcase in 2019

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In 2014, a band was formed to revive music from the East Timor Freedom Fighters through their struggle for Independence from Indonesian occupation, and to honour songs from the past that are now part of a long history. In collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office for Veterans Affairs and Wantok Musik, ‘Maubere Timor’ was born. This project recorded an album of 12 songs that delivers an array of tracks to demonstrate years of hope and isolation within a nation.

Maubere Timor is an ensemble of old school Timor-Leste veterans who spread their love of power in speech and songs of their past that will solidify their heroic history and the memory of the resistance movement for future generations. Recorded by David Bridie at Wantok Studios in Melbourne, it traces the history of these men who used music as cultural and political resistance as a way of spreading messages of hope in support of their struggle for national liberation within East Timor.

This project is important as the Veterans of the East Timor Independence movement are ageing and may not be able to travel and perform this music too far into the future. We have secured support and funding from Multicultural Arts Victoria and Wantok music to bring the Veterans to Melbourne for an official album launch and subsequent tour in 2019 in the lead up to the next Womex conference. We aim to have them showcase on the world stage at Womex in 2019, but without making the connections at the summit in 2018, we have no hope.

We have a small grant and have contributed matched funds but have fallen a little short in reaching the financial goal required to attend.

The donations will be used for a delegate to travel to Womex to lobby for the Maubere Timor Project to be included in the 2019 roster. We have established relationships with key stakeholders and representatives and set up meetings in order to facilitate this happening.

If we do not raise this extra money, the project will have to be shelved which would be devastating for the Veterans, the Timor Prime Ministers Office, Sona Productions, Wantok Musik, Multicultural Arts Victoria and all the other stakeholders involved in this project.

This project will enrich the cultural landscape of music in Victoria and beyond as we carry this legacy forward both nationally and internationally.

You can find out more here:

Video Documentary of Maubere Timor Recording: www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue=43&v=lz5Q01brH 10

Bandcamp: https://mauberetimor.bandcamp.com/releases

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