Alan Kogosowski


Masterclass and Concert Program 19-20

For the 250th anniversary in 2020 of the birth of the giant of music, Beethoven – born the same year Captain Cook mapped the east coast of Australia – performances and masterclasses at schools & concert halls in Victoria.

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The innovative format of the Masterclass and Concert Program has been proven on many occasions since 2009 (see and has demonstrated the potential to become a permanent part of Victoria’s cultural life. Thanks to Kogosowski’s stature, and the transformative nature of the project, enthusiasm has been registered by major support groups such as Rotary.

Kogosowski shares his deep knowledge and long experience of presenting great music to audiences all over the world to young Australians in schools as well as general audiences in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. He has played Beethoven’s Appassionata, Moonlight, Waldstein and Pathetique Sonatas for Princess Diana; now he brings these iconic works to young Australians in concerts and masterclasses.

In the Masterclass and Concert Program students learn about the history associated with inspiring and life-affirming music. They also learn about the art and craft of musical performance – skills which not only aid in their development as performers, but also equip them with general communication skills and important self-knowledge insights.

This project is important because the proliferation of music through all forms of media in our time have ironically reduced it to the level of ‘part of the furniture’ of our daily lives and thereby diminished the enormous spiritual and educative value of great and life-changing music heard in an interactive’way, where people can respond, be uplifted, and thereby their lives enriched.

The Masterclass and Concert Program is especially important because it brings the greatest and most significant music ever composed to young people in schools and to local audiences for educational inspiration, life lessons, and spiritual nourishment.

Funds are needed for costs of school performing arts centres, grand piano and transportation where necessary, sound and lighting equipment, back projections, travel and accomodation, publicity and advertising, artist fees.

Iconic works for piano by Beethoven – one of the greatest human beings who ever lived, and one whose influence on civilization is as strong and important today as ever – including the “Moonlight”, “Pathetique” and “Appassionata” sonatas, are included in the concerts, together with accompanying masterclasses about these works for students in schools in the days preceding the Saturday night concert, which is open to the whole community.

End result: all students who ever learn the piano try to play these great works, and will learn from the insights Kogosowski is able to bring. However everyone is uplifted by the story of this great man triumphing over adversity, and the resulting iconic music.

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Alan Kogosowski is a pianist with remarkable technical and musical abilities. He has brought music to audiences in an exciting way that, above all, makes people feel involved and happy to be part of this unique expression of the human spirit. He is a distinguished Chopinist and has made it his mission to promote the works of the great master. He is also a presenter of music, bringing together world-class talents in various series of musical events.

A child prodigy himself, Kogosowski has also made an effort to mentor and hone young performers in his master classes.

Kogosowski feels, as did the sculptor Anthony Caro, that ‘art is a celebration of life. It is a means of expressing joy and gratitude at being alive. We are lucky to be here.’