Alan Kogosowski


Masterclass and Concert Program 2017

This project embodies personal expression through music and theatre for all audiences, especially youth. Great music and theatre are not elitist; they can be life-changing, inspirational and motivating.

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Alan Kogosowski shares his deep knowledge and long international experience of presenting musical performances effectively to audiences all over the world, to young people across Victoria, together with outstanding singer/cabaret artist Galit Klas, in schools and performing arts centres.

Together they have created a musical-theatre production entitled Edith and Marlene, featuring the songs and story of Edith Piaf and Marlene Dietrich, through which they are able to bring to young people and everyone today a timeless story of friendship, dedication, determination and inspiration.

Performances at a number of locations in Victoria, including Ballarat, Bendigo, Colac, Shepparton, Geelong, Hamilton, Sale,and others, as well as Melbourne, are planned.

Edith and Marlene is the story of a deep and inspiring friendship. Audiences are moved and motivated by the life and music of Piaf, her struggles with physical problems and drugs, and her emotional triumph over these with support from close friends such as Marlene Dietrich and others.

They also learn about the associated history, encompassing as it does the Second World War. All audiences are inspired by this uplifted story and memorable music.

Students learn about the art and craft of music-theatre production – skills which will not only aid in their own efforts in their school productions, but also equip them with communication skills and self-worth enhancement skills.

This project embodies an innovative approach to storytelling and traditional musical and theatre performance. It is neither stage play nor concert, but an amalgam of the two. It uses both music and theatre as well as narration and photography in order to communicate to audiences, and especially to young people, an important area of human expression and of 20th century history which the present generation can only benefit by knowing and understanding.

Funds are needed for hire or performing arts centres, grand piano, sound and lighting equipment, back projections, artists’ travel and accomodation, publicity and advertising.

Edith and Marlene has been such a success when performed thus far that Kogosowski and Klas have planned similar productions based on inspirational lives underpinned by great music – Liza and Judy, Fred and Ginger, Frederic and George.

This innovative format has the potential to become a permanent part of Victoria’s cultural and community life. With Kogosowski’s stature and the inspirational and transformative nature of the project, enthusiasm has already been indicated by major support groups such as Rotary.

Significant patrons and corporate sponsors as well as government support place this project in a position where it may eventually branch out interstate and overseas, but for now the focus is on Melbourne and Victoria.

Alan Kogosowski is a pianist with remarkable technical and musical abilities. He has brought music to audiences in an exciting way that, above all, makes people feel involved and happy to be part of this unique expression of the human spirit. He is a distinguished Chopinist and has made it his mission to promote the works of the great master. He is also a presenter of music, bringing together world-class talents in various series of musical events.

A child prodigy himself, Kogosowski has also made an effort to mentor and hone young performers in his master classes.

Kogosowski feels, as did the sculptor Anthony Caro, that ‘art is a celebration of life. It is a means of expressing joy and gratitude at being alive. We are lucky to be here.’


Marcus Rose