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MAS are planning 4 unique concerts in interesting spaces in Melbourne in 2019. Our first concert is an exploration around the idea of Identity through Culture and Community.

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MAS are 3 fiercely independent and strong contemporary string players from Melbourne who thought it was about time they start playing together, based on a common gut wrenching desire to explore sounds on their instruments in a new and exciting way. Through their mutual love of playing with and through effects and loop pedals, the trio feel like they’re heading in a fabulous and invigorating new musical direction.

MAS are planning a series of 4 major concerts for 2019, each with an array of special guest artists. However it is their first concert for 2019 that they wish to seek some financial assistance. For this concert the trio have invited a guest vocalist plus a sound designer and video artist (names will be announced soon) to join them in a sound and visual exploration around the ideas of Identity, Culture and Community. This will be a feast for the senses and is aimed at people of all ages.

The concert is scheduled for the later half of March 2019 (venue to be announced soon)

MAS have a strong belief in fostering new ways of approaching sound on their instruments. They have an equally strong belief in creating connections with other fellow humans through music. As most people are aware, music plays a huge role in helping us stay connected, giving us a sense of identity, of community and ultimately of belonging.

As with most things in it’s initial stages of infancy, in order to put a concert such as this together, there’s much that goes on behind the scenes before the day of the performance. And so, we’re asking for a little financial help to get this happening in the best way possible. $1000 would go a long way to ensure we hit the ground running!

Our main financial objective for this fundraising campaign will be to cover the rehearsal costs for our guest vocalist and for the sound designer, plus any costs incurred for the use of a rehearsal space in the final stages of rehearsal preparations.

This will ensure that our vision for this concert presents itself to our audience in exactly the way it should, with nothing left to chance. Any more money generated after the target is met would be a wonderful bonus and one which would then go towards publicity and marketing costs.

We will be posting updates about the upcoming concert frequently on our face book mothership page Spire Ensemble as information presents itself, so head on over and like us there for now!

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MAS began in early 2018 by 3 incredibly influential instrumentalists and composers from Melbourne’s music scene. Xani Kolac – Violin, Biddy Connor – Viola, Anita Quayle – Cello.

Their vision is simple….. to reinvent and reinvigorate the way traditional classical instruments are heard, by utilising, blending and intertwining effects and loop pedals into originally composed and improvised musical material.

Their debut performance as MAS saw them collaborate with Zimbabwean born RnB singer Thando. The trio were able to test out their sonic palettes at a sellout show at Chapel off Chapel, where they arranged Thando’s songs for voice and strings.

In September 2018 MAS were integral to the success of an annual concert held at Hamer Hall, entitled ‘Stand By Your Woman’. Being also members of Spire, a 14 piece all women ensemble directed by Xani Kolac, they were the backing band that led an all star line up of Australian artists, to promote and celebrate diversity in music.

Now MAS return to the rehearsal studio once again to deliver to their audience a new project that they will unveil in a divine acoustically rich space in Melbourne in March 2019 (details of the venue will be announced shortly), exploring the idea of cultural identity through 5.1 surround sound and visual projections.


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