Eugene E~NRG

Community Arts & Cultural Development

Mary Jane (Short Film)

Mary Jane is a comedy with heart and soul. It’s the story of Norm, a 65-year-old Australian dairy farmer who has terminal and painful bone cancer. He is advised by his doctor to try medical marijuana for his condition.

Days Left

Why are people suffering unnecessarily when a viable treatment is available right NOW?

Marijuana has real medicinal properties that can achieve positive and lasting outcomes for people. Having access to this natural treatment is a simple human right.

Space Between the Gaps Films is looking to build relationships with organisations and individuals who share a vested interest in the cannabis cause.

This story is about quality of life and discovering the power of Mary Jane – medicinal marijuana.

Mary Jane is our Hero and she embodies the nature of marijuana.

Through the power of story-telling and the medium of film, we believe we can make an impact on society.

The aim for the MARY JANE project is to become a classic Australian film. The pathway is to make an exceptional award-winning short film that will be developed into a feature film.

Integral to this process, we intend to employ an A-list cast and are committed to a professional production from script to screen.

Welcome to the first Phase of our fundraising – We will be fundraising across 2 Phases.

Phase 1 – Now until June 30 – Pre Production, Production

Phase 2 – July – November – Post-Production, Distribution, Promotion

Space Between the Gaps Films is an award winning independent film production house based in Brunswick, Melbourne.

We produce low budget independent films at the professional level for today’s global audiences, telling unique Australian stories, structured around universal themes.

Space Between the Gaps Films dedicates itself to producing the best possible results throughout the film-making process – we are committed to the art of cinematic storytelling.

Thank you for making the connection to this creative arts project.

I have worked as an independent artist for over 25 years in a wide variety of performance and creative media. Over this period I have had the privilege and opportunity to explore and experiment with a wide variety of artistic forms, that include, large scale music and arts festival productions, film & TV, stage & performance art, studio music production and live performance, installation art, multi-media productions, written & spoken text, photography, design, painting and sculpture – often under the monikers of Space Between the Gaps, Disc Jockey Krusty or Eugene E~NRG. I have been the Artistic Director for Earthcore and Rainbow Serpent Arts, Music and Lifestyle Festivals, have run my own independent Music Label Green Ant with over 10 Album releases and toured the world as DJ Krusty. I have produced published music and videos under various monikers such as House of Pagan Christians, Organik Madjik and Leather Butoh. I am now aiming at creating a sustainable career as a film-maker.