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The Wolves TC formed to show an ageist society that mature creatives can be original, challenging and pertinent. Up until the Covid lockdown we were successful. Now we intend to evolve into film, and we need your help.

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Our first production is a feature film adaptation of our acclaimed play Marooned. We are approaching this project from both an artistic and business perspective.

The writer recently won a Melbourne Arts Grant to adapt the script and whilst the new script encapsulates all the elements that saw the play warmly received, it is now filmic. We are planning to shoot the film in January 2021. Like the play, the film will be set in one room. Not only is this necessary for the story, but the beauty of using one fixed location means we can maintain a high standard of visual and audio quality while keeping production costs in check. The experienced Director Aarne Neeme, Blue Heelers, will be at the helm guaranteeing the shoot stays within budget and the quality remains high. We intend to bring the film in on budget and on time and make it artistically, ethically and financially successful, in order that we can then use this success to produce other films.

Not only can we shoot Marooned economically and produce a beautiful product, but several markets are open to us. Many country towns have asked for the play, now we can send them the film instead, which they can screen in their local cinemas, and present it the same way the play was presented. With Mental Health professionals present and or a Q&A afterwards. Initially, we also intend to present it in limited Indy cinemas, also making it an event, like the play. We are also intent on selling it to the Australian Army who pre-Covid, were already planning to tour the play. We will also approach the streaming platforms (i.e. Stan) and of course the international festival market. There is a great story here, one that shows how important and healing Art can be. From its premiere it has been welcomed and at every show we have been encouraged to take it everywhere. This is what we are doing. I hope you will join us for the journey.

By being frugal, and innovative we can make this film for $70,000. We already have over half. We are looking for supporters and investors for the rest. If you are interested in becoming a supporter of the film, donations over $2 through the ACF are tax deductible.

The Art World has been decimated. The only way forward for many artists is to adapt. This is what we are doing and we hope you will help. With most of us working on deferred wages, for we all believe in the piece, the money raised will go into production costs, camera hire and the like. Marooned is seen as an important piece, but it needs support. All supporters will be thanked and acknowledged in the film credits (at their discretion).

For more information or if you are interested in becoming a financial investor* in the film, please click here https://www.wolvestheatre.com/marooned

*Please note, financial investments are not tax deductible and cannot be made through the ACF.

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Wolves Productions is determined to show that mature creatives can be original, challenging and pertinent.

We write and produce bold, contemporary pieces aimed predominantly at the 45 plus demographic.

Wolves Productions was founded two years ago by Michael Gray Griffith and Rohana Hayes who are now joined by a team of creatives and inspiring artists who believe that we should never stop having a voice and getting that voice heard.