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Mara KORPER is an experimental, feminist music theatre work (rescheduled due to COVID) having its world premiere at Theatre Works, May 2021. It will create opportunities for Victorian artists.

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Mara KORPER is an experimental, feminist music theatre work (rescheduled due to COVID) at Theatre Works taking place in May 2021. The world premiere season will employ a diverse group of early career artists. Through an exploration of power, extremist ideology, conformity and agency, Mara KORPER asks: “who really owns your body?”

In order to present a theatre experience that is COVID safe, Theatre Works have created ‘Glasshouse’: audiences will be in individual Perspex boxes, seated in the round & ushered in individually. Mara KORPER will be presented in the Glasshouse style. This initiative presents an innovative approach to COVID-safe theatre and a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the return of live performance.

Mara KORPER speaks directly to our COVID-world, reflecting on the vulnerability of the body & the ways it is always subject to institutional power, surveillance & control. COVID has amplified the structural inequities that play out of the bodies of minorities, such as migrant & BIPoC populations & ignited debates concerning self-interest, sacrifice & ‘greater good’. Mara KORPER critically engages with these ideas through the dystopian premise of everyone’s bodies being owned by the government.

Australia risks losing a huge talent pool if artists are unable to find work. Early career artists – especially those in a marginalised group – are at a high risk of being left behind if they miss formative opportunities to develop their craft in a supported, gradual way. In response to this, we have created 3 ensemble roles for emerging artists in Mara KORPER.

Opportunities will be created for Victorian artists who are: 3 emerging ensemble actors female/non-binary, at least 1 of these BIPoC; 5 lead actors majority female/non-binary: 1 BIPoC (some early career, some established), at least 2 are LGBTQI+; 1 non-binary producer, 1 female associate producer/assistant director both early career; 1 director/writer female; 1 designer/photographer male; 1 female stage manager; 1 female lighting designer; 1 female early career costume designer; 1 female early career music director; 1 male composer.

With international travel restrictions in place for potentially a long time to come, investing in local Australian work has never been more important. MK will offer major innovation to the music theatre form by implementing a contemporary, feminist, post-dramatic dramaturgy. It also employs cutting edge technology, using sensor/movement activated MIDI rings worn by actors.

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Citizen Theatre is an independent theatre company that specialises in postdramatic and experimental dramaturgies. Our unique aesthetic and socially conscious mission has led us to be regarded highly by critics, audiences & peers alike.

The secret behind our innovation is our commitment to regular training, which we created collaboratively to equip us to make experimental work. We push boundaries of content and form in music theatre, working from a feminist, access-conscious perspective. We are professional artists from a range of backgrounds, some identifying as queer, gender diverse, people of colour & largely female/non-binary identifying.

Most recently Citizen Theatre have presented:

– Immersive Experiences ‘Forgotten Places’ (for City of Stonnington Feb 2019 & City of Kingston Sep 2019) which brought meaningful community engagement, interactive installation & innovative design, song, poetry, movement and visual art into impactful all-ages events, delighting critics and audiences alike.

– Our world premiere production of new Australian play ‘When The Light Leaves’ by Rory Godbold at La Mama (July 2019) was nominated for a Green Room Award, was critically acclaimed and had a return season at Gasworks (Jan 2020), with Q&A forums in each season about the play’s central issue, Voluntary Assisted Dying. It was supported by the City of Melbourne.

– New experimental feminist music theatre work ‘Ascent’ (2018) was supported by Melbourne Fringe’s ShowSupport grant, applauded by critics & introduced innovative physical theatre illusions & critiqued modern beauty standards & unrealistic social expectations for female bodies, to push the content and aesthetics of music theatre.

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