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Making Robin Hood Happen – with kids

The Old Church on the Hill Junior Drama club is a theatre group for children aged 5 – 12 years. This November these short actors will be bring the story of Robin Hood to life on the stage.

Days Left

Last June The Junior Drama Club produced Perter Pan and this November will be performing the play of Robin Hood with 32 children playing all the characters. Friends and family of the children will be providing the support and technical roles associated with the theatrical production.

Robin Hood will be produced as a stage play complete with set, costumes, lights and sound amplification. The production will be performed by and for primary aged school children and the wider community of Bendigo Victoria.

The play is scheduled to be performed on the 9th, 12th and 13th of November with rehearsal already underway.

This production of Robin Hood is an opportunity for children to be inspired by and through theatre to develop stage skills, self expression, confidence, ensemble skills and to inspire their fellow peers by their performance. Creating theatre together gives our community an opportunity to participate in a worthwhile activity supporting and inspiring the next generation with a love of performance.

An important part of any historical play (especially one involving children) are costumes and props. Unfortunately costuming 32 children isn’t straight forward or cheap. So we need your help to get this production on the stage and looking fabulous!

To make Robin Hood a reality we need your help with funding. The venue, director, volunteers and lighting are all secured, but there are many gaps with things to be made, borrowed and bought.

The donations will be used to create costumes, props, stage set and advertising for 32 children to perform Robin Hood on a stage.

There will be three performances in mid November, with two local primary schools attending on the 9th and 13th. The performance for friends, family, donors and the wider community will be held on the 12th of November.

For up dates and to see how the production is developing please follow the Old Church on the Hill Junior Drama Club @shortactors on Facebook or Old Church on the Hill theatre @shortactors on Instagram.

The Old Church on the Hill Junior Drama Club is a community based theatre group for children aged 5 -12. The aim of the group is to enable and inspire kids to enjoy theatre and explore literature in an interactive form. While having the experience of performing in a full theatrical production with other like minded young people.

The group is directed, mentored and costumed by Emily Calder who started the drama club at the beginning of 2017. The groups first production was J.M.Barrie’s Peter Pan produced with a cast of 23 kids ranging in age from 3 – 12.


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