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#thestylecollaborative ‘Maison De Danse’

#thestylecollaborative is a multi-disciplinary boutique production house developing artistic work and content through diverse stage settings, performative contexts and the corporeal body.

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Essaying through a 2018 Artist-In-Residence at the multi-awarded LWDance Hub, Adelaide producer, community artist and SA Governor awardee Ben-Hur Winter is undertaking a directorship role in this project assimilating dance with electronic music. Through collaborative processes and a theatre making approach, the project’s focus is to create and present innovative musical dance content that combines the visual and performing arts with digital technology.

Working under the lexicon #thestylecollaborative, core group fellows comprise of South Australian dance artists and digital technology specialists, together with acclaimed local DJ’s as the purveyors of Adelaide’s renowned underground electronic music scene. These elements will come together in a 2019 Adelaide Fringe season called ‘Maison De Danse’ (House of Dance), an inclusive dance hall style community event to be held at Adelaide’s state-of-the-art music venue The Hindley on 1, 8, and 15 March.

#thestylecollaborative recognises the vital role of cultural expressions as vehicles of identity, values and meaning. With your support this project will help foster and promote South Australian cultural enterprise, creative innovation and teamwork. Raising sufficient funding through this campaign will allow us to participate in a leading international arts festival and to further engage with local communities and youth.

With support from the City of Adelaide this process has brought together local artists including iconic Adelaide musician and performer, the stunning Becky Blake; alluring freelance dancer, choreographer and producer Ellicia Britton; outstanding international dancer/performer Jake Walasek; and award-winning dancer/choreographer and yoga/pilates coach Fiona Gardner.

Funds raised will be utilised in the following ways: (1). Structured studio time to conceptualise and create innovative, original content through selected media; (2). Project marketing and event production costs for our premiere 2019 Adelaide Fringe season; (3). Costume design and construction; (4). Devising a dance education program for multi-cultural youth.

We invite you (or your company) to please donate to this campaign to assist with raising a target of $3,000 to support our work and contribute to the delivery of ‘Maison De Danse’ at this year’s Adelaide Fringe.

For enquiries or to discuss bequests please email or call Ben-Hur at 0406874966, thank you.

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Ben-Hur is a freelance Producer, Artsworker, Art Director and Fashion Stylist (USA, Philippines, Australia) shaping a body of work through Anahata (Heart Centre), an exciting, creative repertoire of educational and artistic collaborations within diverse stage settings. His inclusive approach to choreography, movement and dance evokes a classically influenced contemporary style that draws from Asian dance traditions and intrinsic forms of expression like Queer culture and voguing. A former ‘Cats’ international cast member and with lived experience as a Cultural Intermediary, Performance Artist, Community and Design Activist, American born Ben received the State Governor’s Multicultural Award for Arts and Culture (2014) in recognition of his extraordinary commitment to this work. He is both ecstatic and grateful to be working on inciting projects like #thestylecollaborative


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