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Global lockdown. A man mourning his wife turns to online dating with terrifying and devastating consequences.

Days Left

A supernatural cyber/horror/thriller set during a global lockdown, MAGPIE is a tale of grief, love and redemption that asks if the only way forward is to stop looking back – and if the very thing we fear is what will ultimately save us.

The story also grapples with the complex yet universal issues surrounding people unable to engage with their fellow man through no fault of their own during a worldwide lockdown.

MAGPIE is a story with global market appeal – and offers a rare and unique opportunity to become involved with a finely crafted, beautiful yet chilling feature film.

This project has been developed and will be implemented by a team with a proven track record – having recently produced the supernatural thriller, THE UNLIT. This team is well positioned to produce MAGPIE, and to maximise existing relationships to see the film through distribution and sales – thereby significantly increasing the chances of success.

MAGPIE is due to commence shooting late 2020.

Since the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic, the film industry in Australia has shut down. Simultaneously the consumption of content via the online platforms e.g. Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime et al has increased.

Content is being consumed – but not created.

This will create a vacuum that can be filled by film content that is designed to be shot amid restrictions.

The local film media e.g. Inside Film (IF), Screenhub, FilmInk et al are searching for film-related stories in a barren landscape.

Any film going into production right now – and particularly a film inspired by and set during the lockdown – is a boon to local film media, hungry for content.

Now is the time to make a low budget, beautifully crafted film – inspired by, and set during a lockdown.

A film that will talk to people that have experienced lockdown – and the challenges that has brought.

Donations to MAGPIE will offset productions costs – including::

Equipment e.g. camera, lighting etc.
Post production e.g. editing, music etc.
Marketing e.g. theatrical trailer etc.

MAGPIE is a finely crafted, beautifully told screen story that will resonate with audiences both here in Australia and across the globe – particularly in the wake of a global pandemic

Ideally this film will feature in prestigious international film festivals (pending lifting of restrictions during 2021) before going on to cinematic release and to the streaming platforms e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Stan.

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Darren Markey – writer/producer
Kate Whitbread – producer

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Darren Markey




Screen & Photography

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Darren started out as a playwright, working alongside people such as acclaimed actress Diane Cilento and Oscar nominated Tony Shaffer before becoming a screenwriter/brickies labourer.

He completed his first screenplay LILLY, and travelled to Los Angeles where he got lost in a giant martini, somewhere on Sunset.

On returning from LA, Darren wrote, produced and directed the pilot episode of THE BLESSED – an eight part television series , before going to develop a slate of feature film projects including THE UNLIT – a supernatural thriller due for release in 2020.

Darren’s psychological horror script, THE TUTOR, did the rounds at Cannes 2016 and is slated for production during 2021. His Icelandic saga – THE PLOVER’S CRY is presently in development.


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