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Live At Yours

Live At Yours offers live classical music performance in private homes and small halls. We are a team of internationally recognised artists that are interested in engaging with audiences live rather than online!

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Since COVID-19 set in, artists have not been able to perform live. We believe that music, like food, like art, needs to be experienced in the flesh and now that restrictions have eased, we can begin performing in the most intimate and impactful way – in peoples’ homes.

We’re connecting audiences with world class musicians, who are in Australia for a limited time due to COVID-19. This is a rare opportunity to see artists of this calibre close up, as they usually perform for halls of 3000.

Your generous donation will be used to pay artists, for travel regionally and to promote the Live At Yours project.

Australian Conductor Vladimir Fanshil is the Artistic Director of the Debut to Master Concert Series at the St Petersburg Philharmonic.

Since Spring 2013, he has been the assistant of Ivan Fischer with both the Budapest Festival Orchestra and the Konzerthaus Orchestra, Berlin.

Vladimir opened last season working on a premiere production of Borodin’s Prince Igor as Assistant Conductor to Maestra Simone Young at the Hamburg State Opera (Germany), whom he continues to assist on a regular basis.

After five passionate years marinating in Russian poetry, musical repertoire and revered tradition, Vladimir completed his conducting studies with distinction at the St Petersburg State Conservatoire, Russia in 2012.


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