Meredith Elton

Community Arts & Cultural Development

Lines in the Sand: (re)making contact

A powerful open-air participatory dance ceremony that embodies the possibility of a different kind of relationship: with ourselves, with the land and with the ancient soverienty of Aboriginal peoples.

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How can we be deeply at home here, as non-Aboriginal people living on Yugambeh Country? How do we face and embrace our colonial history and its living present? Can we make room for our different lineages, stories, feelings?

LInes in the Sand: (re)making contact is a collaboration between Gold Coast Anglo-Australian performance artist Meredith Elton, Maori Australian choreographer Victoria Hunt, Brisbane based Aboriginal installation artist Carol McGregor and an ensemble of ten community participants.

The project hosts a conversation and creative and cultural exploration that gives rise to an outdoor ceremony that will take place at Festival 2018, the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games cultural program. This exploration takes place in conversation with local and non-local Aboriginal consultants. The performance has undergone approval from local Elders through the GOLDOC advisory group.

We are currently deep in the preparation/rehearsal phase of the project

We are seeking the final $5500 needed to fully realise the ceremony (performance & installation) and to ensure that the work is well documented and supported to keep developing.

This money will go toward artist and videographer fees and material costs for the installation and performance.

Contributions will support:

  • A project grounded in cultural consultation & respectful of appropriate protocols
  • In-depth collaborative engagement, community building and development of cultural capacity/awareness.
  •  Nuanced creative and cultural conversations about what it means to be at home in Australia.
  •  Quality community performance/artwork.
  • The ongoing development of a community engaged performance methodology that draws from key therapeutic, group work and performance/art modalities.
  • The making of a short video document that will enable the project and the conversation at its heart to be (i) shared more broadly (ii) developed further.

Ultimately Lines in the Sand seeks to contribute to the complex, necessary and ongoing work of reconciliation.

We thank you for helping us bring our creative and heartfelt explorations to fruition, enabling this conversation to be powerfully present on the stage of the Commonwealth (and beyond).

All contributions make a difference.

We would love you to join us on the 12th or 13th April for a workshop and/or the ceremony which will take place from 6pm. It’s free. Check out the Festival 2018 online Program for details.

This project is supported through Generate. Generate is a City of Gold Coast initiative through the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), a partnership between the Queensland Government and the City of Gold Coast to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland. Generate is also supported through a partnership between Gold Coast City Council and Queensland Government’s Office of the Commonwealth Games.

Meredith Elton is a Gold Coast based performance artist, creative producer and therapist. Her work has long been engaged with the complexities of our connections and disconnections from the places – inside and out – that we call home. Emigrating from Scotland and England, her ancestors have lived for generations in New Zealand before coming to Australia. Her creative process is collaborative and community engaged, supporting deeply related exploration and exchange.

Victoria Hunt is an Australian artist whose work is philosophically intercultural, interdisciplinary and situated within collaborative and communal practices. Her tribal affiliations are to her Te Arawa, Rongowhaakata, Kahungunu Maori, English, Irish and Finnish lineages. Her most recent work TANGI WAI… the cry of water was nominated for several awards and was performed at Liveworks Festival 2015 and Dance Massive Festival in 2017.

Carol McGregor is an Indigenous artist of Wathaurung and Scottish descent. Through her multidisciplinary artistic practice: from drawing, printmaking, metalwork, photography and digital media, to working with natural fibres, McGregor explores her rich cultural identity of diverse ancestry and lived experience. Her current research Art of the Skins: un-silencing and remembering has facilitated a significant cultural resurgence project – announcing the re-activation of possum skin cloak-making and wearing in South East Queensland.


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