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Lift Off 2020

We provide mentoring & curatorial support to under-represented artists including those who face challenges through cultural differences, social isolation and mental health.

Days Left

We are raising funds to run our 2020 exhibition and mentor program.

For artists who do not have gallery representation it is a constant challenge to keep their works in the public eye. Without a gallery, artists must self-fund exhibition programs. It’s a costly exercise and not financially viable for many. The problem is compounded for those artists who face daily challenges through social isolation, cultural differences and/or mental health.

Our mentor and exhibition program is designed to support these artists.

Satellite Projects is a not for profit run by a committee of volunteers, but there are some things we just have to pay for.

Donations will be used to pay for rent, logistics, and curatorial/technical support required for each exhibition.

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Satellite Projects is a not-for-profit supporting and mentoring under-represented artists including those who are challenged with social and cultural differences or mental health illness.