Harriet Gillies, Tyler Ray Hawkins, re:group

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Lifestyle of the Richard and Family

Dinner party drama turns tech-rave apocalypse. Using a text written by Swiftkey Note we explore the increasing role of predictive tech in our experiences and what it looks and feels like to be at the point of ceding control.

Days Left

David Jones values a full-time job and a gym membership, and is having an a air with Clare Martin. Maree prefers to do her shopping online and has a drinking problem. Jimmy has just returned from the other side. Sarah is a mute teen goth who likes welding. This performance will start in a living room and end in the deepest reaches of the black hole that is the internet. #yolo.

This poetically absurd modern drama takes our most familiar truths and our most popular aspirations to a level of strangeness beyond comprehension – a point of no return. Gillies leads a team of stellar performers through an algorithm to understand the increasing role predictive technologies play in our day-to-day lives.

In this performance we are exploring and testing the boundaries of automated life. At what point do predictive algorithms – whether your Facebook news feed, your Spotify “recommended for you” playlist, the ads that appear on your Gmail banner, the text predictions on your phone – stop making our lives easier? And what happens past that point? Do we become inhibited? Homogenised? Enlightened? We are dealing with content that hits straight to the heart of popular culture today, whilst resonating with the inevitable disconnection and fraught undertones that characterise the attempt to function in societies’ structures and relate to other functioning bodies in space and time.

A mesmerising, exhilarating hour of sensory playfulness and dislocation. It will synthesise and conceptualise the underside of the internet, its interiors. A constantly moving, frenetic, tactile experimentation with form, feeling and constant reframing of meaning. The audience’s role changes from removed observer of characters to an active gaze of content, constantly digesting images, sounds, and textures that palpate the bodies senses. This show will drop the pin of your mind’s location somewhere new. You are now inside the internet. Instead of viewing it from the outside in, you are viewing it and the surrounding world from the inside, out.

HARRIET GILLIES is a performance artist from Sydney. Harriet operates across a range of performance modes including large-scale participatory events, one-on-one situational work and devised performance.

Harriet graduated from NIDA’s directing course and has worked at theatres and festivals across Australia including: Sydney Festival, Melbourne’s Festival of Live Art, Kaldor Public Art Projects, Belvoir Downstairs, Underbelly Arts Festival, Liveworks Festival at Performance Space, Next Wave Festival, PACT Centre for emerging artists, MONA’s Dark Mofo, the Substation, La Boite Theatre Company, Griffin Theatre Company and Sydney Theatre Company.

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