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Legacy 2021 – Commissioning

Legacy 2021 is a fund created by Cappuccino Concerts Australia in order to commission new Classical Music written by Australian Composers.

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The mission of Cappuccino Concerts has always centred around providing opportunities. Celebrating our 10th Anniversary we have provided many Australian Classical Musicians with performance opportunities in our three Chamber Music Festivals.
We see it as a duty to support not only our acclaimed musicians, but our Australian Composers, whose compositions add to the artistic fabric of Australia’s culture.
Our Legacy Fund is dedicated to commissioning new Classical Music compositions which will be premiered throughout 2021 at our Festivals.

The importance of our newly created Legacy Fund is to follow our mission of creating opportunity. It is vitally important that as a society we embrace Australian Composers, and to showcase their work in a performance and recorded platform. These opportunities will foster and grow the very best of what Australia has to offer, and will create history.

We are asking for financial support as the creation of this fund will further support our purpose and will enrich the lives of the composers we engage with.

For any composer it is daunting to have your work put out there, and in some instances many months and sometimes years of creativity have been put into the piece being presented. This being said, the courage required is enormous, and it is our belief that this should be rewarded, and seen as culturally significant.

Your tax deductible donation will become part of our Legacy Fund, which will be used to commission Australian Artists to write a piece of music. This piece of music will be written with the purpose of being performed and recorded during 2021 at Cappuccino Concerts.

Cappuccino Concerts engages with some of Australia’s internationally acclaimed musicians who will Premiere the piece of music that has been commissioned. Irina Vasilieva (Artistic Director) and Rob Cowell (Chairman) will be responsible for engaging with the Composer of choice, and will remunerate the composer on completion of work.

Your donation is greatly appreciated and all donors will be thanked and acknowledged publicly (at their discretion).

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Cappuccino Concerts Australia is responsible for the execution of Chamber Music Festivals in Western Australia.

Formed 10 years ago by Artistic Director Irina Vasilieva and today operated in conjunction with husband Rob Cowell, the organisation provides a platform for many local and international artists to perform in an intimate setting.

Some of the many highlights of Cappuccino Concerts has been hosting international artists such as Michael Kieran Harvey and Ashley William Smith, right the way through to Premiering works by local composer Lachlan Skipworth.

Today Cappuccino Concerts is credited for its professional approach to hosting high level Classical Music that is accessible to all.


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