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Kiss: A New Australian Chamber Musical

Help us stage the stunning new Australian musical ‘KISS’ by Greg Lavell at Perth’s FRINGE WORLD 2020.

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Kiss is a defining moment in the careers of two exciting young Australian creatives: Greg Lavell and Joshua James Webb. It’s also an important step in the development of Western Sky Projects, and a special opportunity for our committed cast and crew.

This campaign is about helping our team cover some expenses while they’re committing to making this exciting new work the best it can be.

Kiss is a quality piece of writing. It’s off-beat, it’s intimate, funny, and thought-provoking. It sparkles with gorgeous songs from one of Australia’s most promising composers, Greg Lavell, a graduate from VCA with a Masters of Writing, and is directed by Perth’s Joshua James Webb, who returns from Melbourne where he’s completing the prestigious Masters of Directing course at VCA. Josh and Greg are working hard to get this work to the next level following successful workshop showings in Melbourne, as well as a very well received performance at the prestigious Home Grown concert in November.

Money raised will directly offset our costs in order to modestly increase the profit share payments to the team. Please help realise a new work of quality Australian musical theatre, while ensuring our team is more reasonably compensated for their hard work.

Our team of young professionals are working on this show for very little payment, because they see the value of working with artists and a work of such high calibre.

Director Josh has chosen Kiss for his major Masters of Directing assessment piece at VCA. A major emerging talent, Josh needs support to give his graduating piece a level of quality and distinction to help launch his career.

Likewise, composer Greg is embarking on an artistic career of note. This presentation will be a major milestone in his career.

Western Sky, too, will benefit as an emerging producer, on the verge of making a major contribution to a vibrant musical theatre industry in WA.

Our cast and crew are emerging professionals who are trained and dedicated to thrilling Perth musical theatre audiences.

The money raised by this campaign will help our creatives, cast and production team cover some of their living expenses while they dedicate themselves to realising the potential of this quality work.

Our director, Josh, and our composer/MD, Greg, are both traveling to Perth for rehearsals and the season. Our cast and crew are top quality emerging arts professionals who will be foregoing shifts to create this show.

Any profits made from the season will be distributed to the team, and any money we raise through this campaign will go directly into offsetting costs of producing Kiss, helping us return higher profit share to the cast, crew and creatives.

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Western Sky Projects is a not-for-profit production company that produces quality musical theatre in Western Australia for the benefit of artists and audiences.

In 2020 we aim to produce 3 works, and 2 regional tours.

Our first project is the exciting new chamber musical ‘KISS’ by Greg Lavell. Money raised on the ACF platform will go directly towards the presentation of this quality new work.


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