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Keep the Stage Alive

Creative industries in Australia have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Glen Street Theatre plays a vital role in the performing arts ecosystem connecting artists and audiences and needs your support.

Days Left

Your support ensures Glen Street Theatre can continue to invest in a broad range of programming on our stage.

Performing Arts venues were one of the first businesses impacted as COVID-19 shutdown restrictions were implemented, and expect to be one of the last to reopen.

The venue often takes the full financial risk in presenting works on our stages. Without this financial commitment, many artists and companies cannot afford to create, stage, or tour works.

Our inability to open our doors and present work has had a significant impact and reduced our capacity to support the broader performing arts sector.

Your support enables more stories to be told on the Glen Street theatre stage. In providing a space where artists and audiences can meet we ensure the ongoing creation of performing arts content and survival of artists and companies at this critical time.

Together we can keep the stage alive and ensure our performing artists are supported as we emerge from this time.

Glen Street Theatre is committed to providing high quality, accessible entertainment for the community to enjoy.

Glen Street presents a program of professional children’s theatre called KidsPlay which is targeted to families, vacation care centres and primary schools.


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