Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennial (KCAT)

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Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennial (KCAT) 2021

KCAT (kay-CAT) is a multi-site art exhibition presented over nine days in mostly non-traditional sites and venues in the regional Victorian town of Kyneton.

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Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennial (KCAT) is a collaborative, community–spirited arts event that works to enhance the economic viability of our industry and our region, while educating and inspiring visitors and locals.

In 2021, KCAT will present a nine-day contemporary art event under the theme ‘Holding the Circle’. The event aims to engage the local community and visitors in contemporary art, workshops and educational programs, while offering artists the opportunity to engage with the regional town of Kyneton, reach new audiences and expand their creative practice.

Commissioning eleven Australian artists, the event will present new site-specific work, including installation, painting, performance, photography and sculpture. Each exhibiting artist will be commissioned to make new work that explores ideas of place and community with a context-sensitive approach to Kyneton. KCAT2021 will deliver an event to a national and international audience that builds on Victoria’s cultural reputation.

KCAT is a non-profit community event run completely by volunteers. It is produced in a regional town by members of the community, for the purpose of celebrating Australia’s high quality contemporary artists and the creative atmosphere of our region.

All of the funds we raise through donations go directly to artists, and in supporting the presentation of their work and its communication to audiences. Resources will be invested in public and educational programming to better connect and communicate with audiences; impart knowledge about art and ideas; and to educate and inspire children and adults alike.

KCAT is primarily supported through government grants and in-kind support – the latter in the form of donated labour and site provision. Philanthropy and partnerships build on this foundation and are important supporting frameworks for ongoing sustainability in the arts. In the KCAT spirit of collaboration and relationship building, we look to your support to optimise this event for industry and community.

At the heart of KCAT’s vision is a driving desire to celebrate art’s capacity to enhance and enrich regional communities. The KCAT model is designed to demonstrate this capacity and to demonstrate how community-engaged, context-sensitive contemporary art can strengthen the sustainability of professional arts practice and broaden accessibility to art and ideas.

Your support helps ensure: artists fees for research, professional levels of production and presentation; educational programming; a celebratory expression of regional communities and environments; and a contribution to the socio-economic development of artists and the central highlands region.


Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennial (KCAT)



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Kyneton Contemporary Inc is an arts collective.

We are a group of arts professionals dedicated to cultivating quality arts practice and community engagement in regional Victoria. We’re working to bring ideas and artwork from across the nation, across the world and from artists right here in central Victoria – to inspire, educate and engage our local community and its visitors.

Creating a distinctive flavour within our growing town, we’re facilitating opportunities for artistic and professional development – for local and visiting artists – as well as providing meaningful audience connection through the delivery of projects, exhibitions and public programming.


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