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Kairos – A Feature Film – Post Production

A lyrical and moving drama about disability and identity, ‘Kairos’ is in the final stages of post-production. We need your help to finish this important film and launch it on the international circuit.

Days Left

‘Kairos’ has wrapped filming and we have now reached picture lock-off stage in the editing process. To have come this far is a testament to the commitment of our creative team and our supporters, but there is still work to be done to ensure the project is festival ready, and to give us a chance to launch it on the international circuit.

Kairos – an ancient greek term meaning the ‘opportune’ or ‘critical’ moment.

We began this project with private investment to ensure we could maintain the integrity of our original story and vision, and have managed to get very far in the process with the help of industry professionals and friends. Your contribution could help us finally realise our vision.

Our lead actor, Chris Bunton, has Down syndrome. He plays the character of Danny, and through his point of view, we hope to break down some barriers and give a broad audience a fresh perspective of a familiar genre. His performance is nothing short of groundbreaking, and we truly believe he will shatter stereotypes and expectations. He recently amassed a haul of 6 gold medals in Gymnastics, competing in the Special Olympics.

Kairos is neither a boxing picture nor a rags-to-riches underdog story. Instead, this film flips the conventions of the genre on its head and digs deeper to take us on an odyssey that explores themes like identity, disability, ego and the search for meaning in one’s life.

Funds will go towards:

– Colour grading
– Mastering the sound
– Basic VFX
– Subtitling for international festival submission
– Mastering the music / final recording and mix
– Marketing costs
– Creation of Deliverables for festivals
– Post production office overheads
– Post production management


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Paul Barakat has had almost two decades of experience working across many facets of the film and television industry in Australia, and has spent recent years in the film education sector, formerly serving as the Head of Teaching at the International Film School Sydney (now AFTT). 

He has directed numerous short films, including ‘Fragments’, his award-winning debut. His most recent work is the dystopian short, ‘Gish’, part of a multi-platform project he created for the International Screen Academy. As part of the project, Paul created a comic book, collaborating with Marvel artist Marcelo Baez.

Paul is also an accomplished actor, having appeared in numerous local and international screen productions, including ‘Love My Way’, ‘Farscape’ and ‘East West 101’.

‘Kairos’ is his feature film debut.


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