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KAI – Developing a writer’s Classic

KAI a story of a young man’s journey, through terrible loss of his beloved father at a young age, his mother’s suffering, the grief, the pain, the revenge – his fighting spirit boxes in the ring to become his own hero.

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KAI is the story of a young man – a hero’s journey. The terrible loss of his father in a ‘fighting bout’ spirals his grief and mental well-being, and attacks his world, his music. His mother struggles to survive, tragedy takes her away from him. Revenge and anger rips at his spirit, yet he isn’t alone, his journey into the world of boxing – will it kill him or will the flow prevail?

We have an acclaimed writer is on board who has won many international awards. This story is close to his heart, he understands a life on the streets. Monies raised will be for his very reduced fees.

This project is for men, young and old – anyone suffering with mental illness and grief – finding ones’ fighting spirit.
I want to start filming September 2021. I am grateful to have an international director on board; she too loves the energy of this story, which is close to her heart so a great opportunity is presented to me. If KAI empowers only one man or woman to realise their life is worth living, I have succeeded.

KAI is important as it has been waiting for a special time to be presented to the world. COVID-19 has taken the world on a powerful reflective and healthy approach to existence. Mental illness is growing rapidly in our world especially amongst our children. KAI takes the viewer on a journey of trauma, self discovery, fear and finally health for a better life, drawing from one’s inner strength to create the life that one wants. KAI will assist with this mental health movement for a healthier world.

KAI belongs to the world, he is your child, he is my child, he is someone’s child, he is a musician, he takes us all on a paradigm of change, a new way of being, creating a healthy emotional well-being – isn’t this a good reason to help me?

I would appreciate you contributing to KAI – as he changes the world you too will be part of the ‘paying it forward’. I am seeking $80,000. I believe KAI will become a classic that you won’t ever forget, a story that walks within you.

Your kind donations will go towards the writing of the script. After many years of writing, finally I have the right time and the right person to do the job, creating a classic story.

$60,000 for the writer and his collaborating with my Director Dana Lustig, and the remaining $20,000 of your kind donations will go towards consultation with professional boxers and the making of a trailer to share with our future audiences on social media – bringing awareness of the upcoming film KAI.

You will experience the end result of your donation – a beautifully, powerfully written script ready for investors to take KAI THE FILM over the line into our world cinemas and your lounge rooms.

The trailer will be made by many who simply love the story and love me, and this trailer will enable you to find out more about KAI. Trailer on website – – after our success here.

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I am an emerging producer, writer and director – my background is that of a teacher and educator.

I ran a charitable organisation for young people to assist them with resilience building and self esteem skills to empower themselves.

I am a storyteller and believe that stories shape our social conscience, create change and encourage people to be objective in their thinking and it’s hoped that through this medium, actions will evoke social justice in a positive and healthy light.

I have produced a 13 part TV series titled ‘On the Edge’ , I have produced a variety of documentaries that have dealt with issues affecting our world: health (Glue ear), depression, bullying, anger, teenage pregnancy, Elders and their journeys across many lands, cultural practices, animation (Dreaming story).

I have been selected for the Pride of Australia medal for Peace and nominated for Woman of the Year.

As an emerging producer I am interested in telling powerful stories from the past and present that will influence positively the future for all our children, teenagers and adults alike.


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