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An explosive satire which turns the table on patriarchal mythologies. Just Us Girls celebrates all things diversity, equality, and female confidence, and destroys the f**k out of sexism, misogyny, and mansplaining!

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Just Us Girls is an explosive satire that throws the patriarchy up in the air flippantly, and celebrates getting on with life without sexism, discrimination, misogyny, and rape culture.

Supporting ‘Just Us Girls’ is contributing to an important new work which turns the tables on archaic mythologies that have ruled our social consciousness for centuries – mythologies that are discriminatory, derogatory and that keep women small in the face of white supremacy.

Just Us Girls is written for women, by women, to celebrate feminism in all its glory. This absolutely includes men, gender-queer and non-binary identities. Because feminism is equality. We’ll perform at the Trades Hall from the 21st of September until the 29th of September, with rehearsals starting full time a month prior.

The main reason this project is important is that our future depends upon equality. Women have endured discrimination for far too long, and we cannot progress as a society without at least a change in attitude from white men in particular. The reason I want to target a young audience, but not too young that they haven’t been affected by the prejudices all women experience in their lives, is to evoke a sense of empowerment among a new generation of ideas.

Women, the minority, are tired of speaking out about misogyny and sexism into a void of dead-eared-ignorant-prideful-white-colonial attitudes. Just Us Girls is a creative team of professionally trained passionate and energetic leaders in ideas and by supporting us you are supporting the future of our culture into an equality-consciousness, alongside supporting new, feminist writing that our society desperately needs to hear.

Donations will be used to pay for production costs including accessibility costs (incl an Auslan interpreter), lighting, sound, costumes, venue hire, publicity and marketing.

The end result will be a colourful explosion of satire that destroys sexism, misogyny and mansplaining.  Just Us Girls involves contemporary dance, absurdist theatre, trauma and comedy, whereby two women play multiple characters, exploring the multi-faceted individual experiences women have had to endure in our white male dominated society.  Just Us Girls are not your average girls, they don’t ‘behave’ and they reject binary stereotypes and spit on white male privilege. You can expect strong, unafraid and confident silliness that will make your heart sing.  We respond to the injustices of women with a punk attitude as opposed to a ‘feel sorry for us’ to create strength and solidarity among us, and to excite change in our audiences.

Go to facebook page ‘I’m So Bored’, instagram @ellen_grimshaw and Melbourne Fringe Hub for updates/ticketing info.


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Ellen Grimshaw is a Melbourne based comedic-feminist writer and performer who creates experimental theatre that challenges the norm in all senses of the word. From her own personal experiences she explores the intolerable social injustices of inequality, misogyny, sexism, ignorance and discrimination toward all women – ripping apart gender archetypes through explosive satire and celebrating queerness, cultural diversity, and female confidence unapologetically.

Ellen has been awarded for her performance in feature film ‘Bad Behaviour’, and has appeared in dozens of independent theatre productions in Brisbane and Melbourne since graduating drama school in 2009. Ellen most recently appeared in ‘Freefall’ at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2018 at the Burrow, which she also co-wrote, graduating with a Master in Writing for Performance from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2018 also.


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