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“W;t”, the Pulitzer Prize winning drama by Margaret Edson comes to the Noosa Arts Theatre 5-8 Dec. 2018 for 5 shows, a professional cast from Sydney, Noosa & Boston, help raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

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“W;t” is a humorous and poignant look at the journey we’re all on, about what it means to face the issues of life, purpose and death while discovering beautiful poetry and compassion along the way.

Here’s “W;t”‘s story: Specializing in the Holy Sonnets of John Donne, Vivian Bearing is a brilliant and uncompromising professor of literature facing her greatest challenge yet: a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. She is not happy about this. Still, she agrees to undergo an experimental treatment sure to provide excellent research for the future of oncology, but with no guarantee for her. Once the teacher, Professor Bearing is now the student, learning more than she ever wanted to know—about sickness and regret, about human kindness and medical progress, and of course, about that which she has studied so fastidiously in the teaching of Donne’s work, “Death, be not proud.”

We’ve cast the show, hired the Noosa Arts Theatre and now are inviting partners to join us in this financial and community venture.

Not only does investing in “W;t” help provide the Noosa community an opportunity to see a world class show with a profound yet humorous story, it gives JOINING THE DOTS THEATRE Company the opportunity to launch its first production since forming in June 2018. We’re a small but mighty in vision company committed to theatre that brings people together for good conversations, igniting our imaginations and making us better human beings along the way.

“W;t” also gives young professional actors an opportunity to work with some generous veterans in the industry, while raising awareness about ovarian cancer and opportunities to support cancer research.

Sydney-based actor Alison Chambers takes on the formidable lead role of Vivian Bearing. An Actor’s Equity veteran of the stage, television and film, Chambers’ most recent production in Sydney included, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Noosa locals Ian Mackellar and Joanna Moore Smith, both veteran television and stage actors, bring additional gravitas to the show, directed by Boston-based Jeffrey S. Miller.

Partnering with JOINING THE DOTS THEATRE means you’re helping produce this inaugural show; all funds raised will cover theatre hire, props, costumes, actors’ honorariums, airfare, marketing materials and some accommodations. Each of the 5 shows—produced because of YOUR support—also gives audience members an opportunity to learn more about ovarian cancer through great story telling and professional theatre. In the words of playwright Margaret Edson, it’s a show that often “makes people feel closer to the friends and family they came with.”

Because “W;t” confronts the same issues we all face, issues of life, regret, purpose and death as well as human compassion, all financial gifts will be used to make this the best production we can. That means we make our cast feel like a million bucks so they can focus on their art, and audience members can engage in a compelling theatrical experience.

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Because we’re not the types to stop dreaming, we—that is, Sydney-based actor Alison Chambers and American/Sydney transplant playwright/producer Jo Kadlecek—co-founded JOINING THE DOTS THEATRE Company in 2018. It was the culmination of many conversations and theatre experiences over, um, many years in two different countries. In other words, we are a newish theatre company with a history, small but mighty in vision.

We believe theatre brings people together for stimulating conversations, igniting our imaginations and making us better human beings along the way. We go deep but aren’t afraid to laugh; we wander far with our stories, but love staying home as well. We delight at the adventure of the broader creative process, and hope you’ll join us as we explore new and old and yet unknown stories for the stage!

We fell in love with the language and story of Pulitzer Prize winning play, “W;t” (by Margaret Edson) when we read it and knew it’d be our first show. We booked the lovely Noosa Arts Theatre for Dec. 5-8 and recruited a world class director as well as Noosa/Sydney-based actors to fill out this beautiful story as a gift for the Noosa community. We’re so grateful for those of you who joined us on that first venture as we celebrated our new company, provided new opportunities for actors, and raised awareness and research gifts toward ovarian cancer (re: the storyline of “W;t”).

Now, we’re wanting to introduce Sydney audiences to the wit, works and wisdom of writers Dorothy Day, Dorothy Parker and Dorothy L. Sayers through this world premiere of Jo’s play, “Speak . . . easy.” We’d love to have your partnership and support and say a big thanks now for helping us spread the word about this timely new work about conversations and creativity with those unlike ourselves!


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